Hero Class Weapons

So in the new trailer (as well as screenshots ) the Hero wields two particular swords. One which is a red and orange sword. As well as one he pulls from a shield with a blue flame aura. My question is, where are these weapons?! Or if they are weapon camos. You can get the outfits in the AC scratch which is the Kranos Set but I don't see the swords anywhere. Please help.

The red and orange one is a weapon camo called *Lux Frieden that we will probably get from a campaign at some point; you can currently see it in-game when you invite Stratos (the Hero class trainer).

The other is the Laconian Sword; it appears as a special weapon in the Crimson Felwyrm UQ, and later on it will be released as a camo in the SG Scratch (covers Sword, Doublesaber, and Wand).

@AndrlCh Thank You! I have been searching the wiki for an hr with no luck. Seriously, I really appreciate it.

@AndrlCh Everyone will be getting the Luchs Frieden camo on the maintenance on the 14th, there was a retweet requirement that was exceeded to receive the camo and other rewards. So everyone will be receiving one of this camo for their account along with other rewards. Here's the tweet that mentions us exceeding the retweet requirement that also has a link to the original mention of the retweet rewards.