Private Quarters or Houses?

Me and few friends of mine are hoping we do get at least one or the other in this game, but if we do... Please let us have more room with the large expansion in Private Quarters (especially for the balcony?) If we get a house maybe there can be multiple designs we could get that have the option to make it expand to have multiple stories as an example plus have different additions to it like a swimming pool and such?

Just so you know our current Personal Quarters items are not being supported in NGS, if its being replaced or just our right dropped who knows.

@Vashzaron I honestly expected that tbh. Hopefully they are being replaced. It'd be a slightly annoying, but possibly understandable miss.

Granted that PSO2 an PSO2:NG are gonna be in the same game an it just gonna be like transfering to another block.

So your personal quarters is gonna be the same-ish as it will look differnt with the graphical update but still will be the same