Lost Paid Content from SONIC Collaboration Pack

I went to retrieve my Ragol Memory tokens finally for some RAcaseal upgrades from the Visiphone the other day. It was then that I noticed they had disappeared along with the other items I received from buying the SONIC Collaboration Pack on XBOX months ago. I was curious if there was a way for me to recover these items and why these items would ever expire when bought with real money? I posted my unsettling discovery on Reddit and was told item will expire, if thats the case and I don't get my items back SEGA should really be making this point clear. I can't think of a single game on XBOX where this is an issue, after purchasing dlc.

Thank you!

I believe I also lost -Sonic Suit M -Sonic Suit F -Sonic Hair 1 -Sonic Hair 2 -Emotes 602: Sonic/Tails -*Sonic Knuckles -Sonic Mask


Anyone have experience with this issue? I guess I will try to escalate this issue via email since no mods etc have come to aid me.

I doubt you gonna find someone who had the same issue after all people don't leave stuff in the visiphone because anything there has a expire date and if you don't collect before that is gone.