Possible MAG phone game/app?

Hi everyone! Hoping this post is in the best suited area since I couldn't really see one for something like this. It was just something I thought of as a curiosity (and others have probably thought this over too I'm sure).

I wonder if it would ever be possible to make a complimentary MAG raising game that lets you raise your MAG outside of the game on your phone. Kind of like an Android/iOS Digimon or Tamagotchi and what you do in that game/app with your MAG effects it in PSO2/New Genesis. It can possibly even provide push notifications for the game since it would be synced with your account for things like Urgent Quests, concerts, Alliance notifications, etc. I really hope this becomes a reality of sorts.

On the JP version there is an app that has that functionality (including Dark Blast, Pet, and Collection File leveling, extra Gathering [including the possibility of getting weapons and other stones], bonus EXP for class leveling, and AC scratches with older costumes) called PSO2es. Unfortunately, early on they said that there were no plans to release it for the Global version.

@AndrlCh that's a shame cause that sounds really cool! I'd be ecstatic if they'd just do an app globally for MAG raising. Now that I think about it, it would also be reminiscent of the chaos and dreamcast memory cards. C'mon Sega, make it happen!

Games with over-time raising mechanics like mags and pets would be super neat to have an accompanying phone app to be able to have a sense of immersion and progression even during times you're away from home and cannot play the main quests.

I'm honestly surprised more games haven't leveraged that potential in the last ten years. It's nice that PSO2 has in Japan (and this isn't the first time either; Universe had a similar companion app for pre-smartphones for its casino). Hopefully we'll get it one day too, just as a nifty extra, but we may need to wait until a potential New Genesis iteration.

Of course if they ever decide it's never happening, it would still be nice to give players an accessible way to provide other bonuses provided by the app, particularly the apparent extra storage space.