So I finally decided to reset the skill trees only to fix 1 to 2 skill point allocations with basically the same skill tree but instead I lose like 20% in damage roughly like 5k-20k depending on Normal Attacks /Photon Arts? I play and experimented on all classes and tested this on all my classes. Is there a glitch or bug in the multipliers restacking? or Have I been seeing the wrong numbers on my end and that after the reset? My numbers are crunched to nearly 50% yet I have the same character stat info as before! Main and Sub skills are literally exactly the same as before. (Mags, Buff, Drinks also confirmed) If I knew the skill reset pass would screw up the original stacked multipliers previously, I would have never touched the reset pass. Please investigate and if possible, please revert my account progress to before skill reset pass......I may quit after 1000+ hours of this game just because of this. All that work just to see like 50% go away!?!? Like literally my numbers drop 50% than what I usually see after the skill reset.

Examples, tested on UQ - Deus Esca - XH [since I have been doing this 100+ times and still no unit drop]: Below are just SOME of the things I consistently notice!

Force/Techter - I would normally see my compound skills (Force Class) do 80k-120k per hit but now I see 40k-70k. Summoner/Fi - my max out Rappy would do roughly 9k-11k Normal attacks but now I see 5k-6k. Fighter/Hu - Normally I would do 7k-11k normal attack daggers but now I see less than 6k sometimes 300 (under 1k)!

Note- I ALMOST NEVER SEE any of my attacks whether it be Normal Attack or PAs go below 1k in damage when your Character Stat info has like 3.5k+ in PWR whether it be MEL, RNG, or TEC......but after the skill reset this is what happened!