Coated Multi Camo for Hero?

I'm wondering, after seeing story sequences in Ep5 featuring my character using Coated Edge, Doubliss, and the TMG and Talis variants, if we're ever going to get a multi-camo that covers those weapon types?

I'd love to rock the Coated Multi Camo on my Hero(es) as I love the look of Coated Edge and such, but there's nothing on the JP wiki showing anything like that.

Any plans for more multi-weapon camos that cover hero's weapons specifically?

The Coated camos (including for Phantom and Etoile Weapons) were all released as single-weapon camos with no multi-weapon version as of this time. That said, I do hope they release one that also includes the remaining weapons: Partisan , Wired Lances, Launcher, Twin Daggers, Knuckles, Bow, Jet Boots, Harmonizer, and Gunblade.

Also, if I recall correctly, aside from the all-weapon camos like the Bio and Live ones from the Photon Booster Shop, there are only a couple of camos that cover all three Hero weapons, like the one that Stratos uses.

EDIT: These are the only ones that I could find that cover all three Hero weapons that aren't from the Photon Booster Shop (only three of them cover only Hero Weapons):

Honestly, I hope we do get more multi-weapon camo that cover the scion classes' weapons along with one that also include every weapon. (Harmonizers need that love too.)

We shouldn't be limited to 1 camo at all. Let us equip 3 and overwrite from top down if a weapon has multiple camos......

@ToF-Wolfenstein said in Coated Multi Camo for Hero?:

  We shouldn't be limited to 1 camo at all. Let us equip 3 and overwrite from top down if a weapon has multiple camos......

The solution to this are the Weapon Transmutation Change Passes in the SG shop.

They're currently available from getting classes to level 90, and more free methods will become available as Episode 5 progresses.

@Matt I mean, it's still annoying to do that. Not to mention expensive as heck...

I agree that we should be able to equip multiple camos equipped at once, but in the meantime I've found another solution.

This is a bandaid fix though, and might not be feasible for anyone who plays with controller rather than KBM... but you can use shortcut commands as a means to swap weapons/camos/skill rings. Replace your normal weapon swap hotkeys with these shortcut chat "macros" and you can effectively use multiple camos at once.

/mpal# is used to swap to the designated slot on your weapon palette. Replace the "#" with 1-6 depending on which slot you want to swap to.

/cmf *CAMONAME can be used to change to the desired weapon camo. Note that all spaces must be removed from the item's name in order for this command to work properly. (ie /cmf *CoatedEdge)

/sr SKILLRING can be used to swap to your chosen skill ring. Much like the camo command, all spaces must be removed from the item name for this to work.

The above 3 commands can be used together in a single shortcut word to swap all 3 at once with the press of a single button. You even have 5 seperate tabs of 10 shortcut words each, and can swap between them with /swp# (# = 1-5) for a total of five different loadouts at any one time- particularly useful if you play multiple classes.

I know this isn't a true fix, but until the devs implement an actual solution, this is the best I can suggest if weapon transmutation isn't an option. I know it's not an option for me, as I personally hate the fact that transmuting a camo onto a weapon will permanently lock the camo to your account...

/mpalx /spalx /sr Name is a staple chat shortcut for multi-weapon use anyway unless you're fortunate enough to be playing a class where you can stick weapon-specific non-combinable skills onto units (as of last week) and keep the common ones on your rings. You really benefit from subpalettes that are tailored to weapons when they have photon arts and active skills beyond what the weapon buttons can hold.

So at that point there's no extra overhead to including /cmf Name in the same chat shortcut.

It really would be nice to be able to set multiple camos though. It's probably worth discussing UI design a bit there though:

There'd be no issue at all if all camos were for independent weapon types. For instance Coated Edge and Coated Doubliss, which only work on swords and double sabers respectively. The game would not have to worry about which camo to use in any situation.

There'd only be a small conflict problem when you equip two camos that can both camo the same weapon type, but that could easily be solved by having that equipment use a priority list. For instance:

  • Slot 1: * Coated Edge
  • Slot 2: * Laevateinn

If the player equips a partisan it'd use Laevateinn since Coated Edge doesn't work for it. But if they equip a sword (which both camos can work on) it'd use Coated Edge since it's higher on the list. So that's a pretty easy problem to solve.

The real problem comes when a player wants to use multi-weapon camos in specific combinations. For example, what if they wanted Laevateinn on a partisan and Thor's Hammer on a sword? Both camos work on both weapon types, so they still couldn't do it. They'd only get the camo they put in slot 1 for both of them.

Fixing that would require a more significant change, like creating a toggle list for all of the weapon types available to a camo so they could for example disable Laevateinn on swords, allowing Thor's Hammer to be used instead. This scenario is why they probably haven't gotten around to it, because if you're going to improve the camo system you might as well do it right.

@Miraglyth Actually, if you think about it... the trick with using shortcut commands holds the answer to your dilemma.

The solution is simple: Just make it so you can assign a camo to each weapon palette slot! Problem solved, no need to worry about which camo takes priority. Swap to the 1st weapon on your palette, camo assigned to slot 1 is also equipped. Simple as that.

@ZarexWolf said in Coated Multi Camo for Hero?:

(Harmonizers need that love too.)

Honestly, Harmonizers should be statless so people don't price them high, and all of its weapon camos be changed into harmonizer weapons instead of camos. The Harmonizer weapon doesn't contribute to summoner pet stats. In addition, Harmonizers shouldn't be able to be enhanced. They should be given their potentials unenhanced instead as a weapon skill/augment. If they affect the pets.

@Tarina said in Coated Multi Camo for Hero?:

The solution is simple: Just make it so you can assign a camo to each weapon palette slot! Problem solved

That's an elegant solution! It would of course still need to be developed (that being my point), but of the ideas I've heard and thought of, I think this would have to be my favourite.

In addition to being more intuitive than, say, a context menu selection for each weapon in the item menu, this solution would also allow you to link different camos to the same weapon in different weapon palette slots. Which would be useful for anyone that uses that approach to shifting their weapon buttons and summoners with multiple pets on the same harmonizer.

Yea would be a perfect solution. Unfortunately i doubt we'll see any improvements.

@ToF-Wolfenstein I mean, it still could happen, but we got to wait and see after NG since that's their main objective along with the global version getting up to where the JP version is.