Hi, as a sound design / audio guy myself I tend to look at sounds closer then some other people do. I have a bone to pick, specifically with Falz Dranble / Omega Dranble.

In BOTH versions of this boss (both with unique voice lines) the voice lines are completely out of sync. Not only that but the processing doesn't even match at all with the JP version.

you may argue "well the english version can be it's own thing" which is fine. But a LOT of bosses have a "we're too lazy to actually make it sound unique so just slap some tried and true reverb on there and call it a day"... the amduskia bosses are prime example of this.

Going back to the sync issues, this may seem minor but shows complete oversight on the audio teams part. It's not hard to coordinate with your two voice talents to properly sync this up.

In this video I modified some lines to be more in sync, but they're mostly still out of sync so it didn't matter in the end.

In this first link, watch 1:15 and compare it with 2:58 for Japan (also notice the stark difference in effects processing in ENG vs JP. Like, why is ENG completely covered in reverb and JP isn't?)


Notice how the lines for ENG are all over the place, while Japan is mostly incredibly tight. Also when editing this, I notice that the file length timings are not sync'd up at all in English, but in japan the file length is EXACTLY THE SAME allowing for a perfect match on every sound file.

This is an incredibly nit-picky, but I hope the audio team puts more thought into their work.

Other examples of wonky timings / effects:

Omega Hyunal (sounds like they took the effect meant for Dranble and put it on Hyunal) Hyunal in japanese has so much reverb, so why doesn't ENG? They also copied / pasted the same voice line twice instead of recording / using a new line (insignificant) and (HHRRUAAHHH)


Falz Dranble 14:28. Notice how it's completely out of sync. 11:25 for japanese. Same case with these files - timings in japan are perfectly in sync down to even the file length. English all over the place - ZERO direction for the actors. (effects are closer on this one. English has less reverb. Not really complaining on this one).


If you want a prime example of "we don't know how to emulate this effect" look no further then PD Gemini. Listen to 10:55. Then listen to 13:52. Notice the complete difference in tone. It evokes two complete different feelings. English is literal just laughing with reverb. Whereas Japan is a very uncomfortable, robotic laughter with smarter use of delay effects and hard pitch auto tuning, sounding somewhat mixed with some sort of a synth waveform

Anything I just wanted to point out these inconsistencies. I'm not sure if things like this bothered anyone else, or if anyone else has / has not noticed these things.