Fresh Finds Not showing previews.

Tittle says it all. "The Daily Items" will however the "Recommended Hot Items" will not show. (I do have enough SG to purchase it) Correct me if I'm wrong but I was certain it did before, if it didn't this is an oversight that should be rectified.

This deters any incentive for me to spend my SG if I can't even tell how it will look on my character or how it will affect my other gear that determines colour scheme.

Side note: Currently you can only preview items you have enough SG for. I'm unsure if this is a bug, but if this is intentional, that is a terrible design for both the consumer and the company. This should preview REGARDLESS of the amount of star gems a player has. This will allow customers to make an informed decision, while also effectively advertising the product to convince people to buy SG, or push them to farm SG, (giving drive to potential customers and keeping them in the game.)

For me, it slowly loads it in, unless you're not the qualified race/gender to view it.

for me it only pops up saying:

"This purchase might contain item(s) that cannot be used by your current character. Are you sure you want to buy it?"

When it's a male outfit, on a male toon. Unless there is some extraneous reason as to why I cannot wear it?

@Daishi ...Is it the Sol set or?

@ZarexWolf said in Fresh Finds Not showing previews.:

@Daishi ...Is it the Sol set or?


@Daishi Huh... I had no trouble previewing that for my male human character.

@ZarexWolf Good thing I'm in the bug report section then. For a moment from your reaction I was worried I missed something (like it was really a female armor, and the avatar was just androgynous.. or something.. not that, that would make any sense since the last slot is usually male outfits)

@Daishi Hahaha! Sorry for the scare then, though I'm sure people would like a gender neutral outfit (or as I would prefer more, a CAST set for one of the slots.) Regardless of that, I just hope SEGA made a mistake with this, since this isn't good business practice with blocking off previews for not having enough SG.

That message will always appear with the recommended items in my experience, regardless of race/gender. If you select yes on it, it will then send you to a second confirmation dialogue with the item preview (assuming you have sufficient SG).

Can I get double conformation on that please?

@AndrlCh Very odd way of handling it. Why not pull up the message that says you do not have enough and show the default race and gender for each outfit in the preview?

@Daishi A friend of mine did say the exact same thing when I asked in my alliance's chat since that's what happened to them.

Here's a video of it that I just captured:

@AndrlCh Thank you very much. I meant no offense by asking for conformation, but better safe than sorry.

@Daishi No offense taken. Seeing it in action is always better for peace of mind than just reading about it.