Valiesse CAST Parts?

Has anyone heard of this set before or no?

Edit: Apparently it's called the "Varies" series according to

It was in the last mission pass. If you don't have it now, you're SOL.

@Matt Yeah, a friend of mine told me about it lol

I use the complete set on my main and set it up so I have it for my alt's auxiliary, since I managed to do an overrun on last month's Mission Pass.

@LazerRay Nice, I wasn't active enough to see this set, but eh. At least I'm more active now to not miss anymore

DO check Fresh finds daily. I can't say anything sure because I don't really know. But what IF they throw a bone there and toss some past mission stuff. After all, it's all untradeable content.

@ZorokiHanuke I mean, that'd definitely give SEGA more money if they did that. Though I am going to make a suggestion thread about FF concerning CASTs.