Buster Quest's Main Annoyance (At least to me)

@Ekajata the side-effect of getting rid of stamina system I guess... no one going to be doing lower grades other than for leveling. With the stamina system, people are forced to run free matches which will match them up with people running grade 1 and 2 main matches.

I guess I really am a relic then, I usually complete a content set and then spend some time deliberately running the lower level missions precisely TO help others in the community make it to the party room where we all wind up.

If this is the way of it, I'll definitely be doing that here as well.

You should be able to find people at lower grades anyway because of the free match bonus people getting put with you, 1 free match gives you 100% triboost for next 2 main matches. Plus free matches always gives around 20~ buster medals for those only seeking those. Might be a problem on lower population ships regardless?

For buster medals perhaps, but I probably would rather have 1 extra main match in compared to 100% triboost for 2 runs.

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Here is my experience with Buster Quests since hitting rank 2:

Every. Damn. Room

I've tried Free Match, Main Match, both from searching multiple blocks and same block at the quest counter and haven't managed to find a single room I can join all weekend.

What am I missing?

Most likely trying to join Grade 3 missions, which is where most people will be now (or Advanced).

Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do except make a main match with multi-match and then wait for it to fill.

One of the member probably haven't play the story quest.

This is what I think is the route cause of that issue, I've been maxed on Buster Points for a while now and often have trouble joining friends in Busters, some of them I know haven't completed the story lines yet.


I've not had this problem. Myself and others cycle in a free match every 3 runs because you get a free triboost that stacks with other boosts for 2 runs. Sometimes lobbies don't fill immediately. But i've never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a free match. AFAIK busters don't really stay relevant once EP6 drops. The forest should. But I think the main grind in 6 is something called divide. No idea what that is.