Digimon Collaboration Idea?

@Jamesmor said in Digimon Collaboration Idea?:

contract with Toei to make game adaptations of their series, that's also why most series that Toei make have game created by Bandai Namco.

That doesn't sound right at all. Digimon originates from V-Pets that Bandai made. So, that makes Bandai Namco the owner.

@ZarexWolf still is being some time since they made something different with the ip and considering that they basically restarted everything I doubt both companies will do any drastical choice now, after all is only recently that Digimon became popular again

@Jamesmor So, they shouldn't bank off of the popularity despite them being all over the place, even still, because they "restarted everything" and recently became popular again?

I'd support a digimon crossover if it's heavily leomon themed 😩

@Laep Same, give me any of the Leomon variations and we'd be golden, heh.

@ZarexWolf is more like they need to restablish their popularity most who know Digimon are from the original first story and many don't know much, even more Digimon Adventure Tri and Last Evolution Kizuna didn't help either on that part.

the right moment for then to start milking the popularity will be after the new animation ends and that's probably what they are waiting after the delay of Digimon Survive

@Jamesmor It still wouldn't hurt to have a collaborative event, plus we all know that last year wasn't the best year for releases thanks to what's going on in the world still.