Digimon Collaboration Idea?

I know this is not likely to happen, but in the off chance, it'll be nice, right? Was thinking that Digimon would really work with a game that utilizes technology so much, especially after what happened in Episode 4. Though, I'm really unsure as to what we could get out of the scratch since we could get the original and 02 Digi-destined outfits or their outfits in Last Evolution. Then there are the CASTs... You could literally spend the longest amount of time searching for the best theme for them since you could go for the Royal Knights which, of course includes the ever popular Omega/Omnimon or go for Alphamon for males while with females it could be Crusader/Lord Knightmon or Ophanimon. As for the suits, definitely Agumon and Gabumon since they're extremely iconic. Could also have some other famous Digimon as Mag evolution like Jesmon. Anyways, if this does happen between SEGA and Bandai Namco, this would be probably the best way to gain popularity and cash for both parties. If this doesn't happen, then eh, at least it was worth a shot to post this.

They need a collab with other franchises other than sonic. Sonic doesnt fit into the world of space and techno. Digimon Fits more since their robots and living organisms in a techno digital world.

@Golden_Syrup Definitely, though Sonic is... ahem... all over the place in themes...

They have collaborated with many other franchises in the Japanese version, the Sonic collaboration is just a series tradition at this point to celebrate the franchise's anniversary (also the actual Sonic costumes are exclusive to the Global version).

That said, non-Sega collabs have happened (Persona and Miku count as Sega collabs). Many of these collabs have yet to happen on the Global version though there's a likelyhood that many of these will happen eventually (we just got the Konosuba collab a while back after all). To note a couple of these:

  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Nier Automata
  • King of Fighters
  • Dead or Alive
  • Monster Hunter Frontier (unlikely to happen; the game was Japan-only and closed last year)

I mean to be fair Sonic has always been very involved all the way back to PSO on DC. Sonic Team developed PSO after all.

It'd never happen but I'd personally really like to see a Cats crossover, specifically based on 1999 film version of Cats. I've actually had a very well thought out idea for an entire Cats crossover (costumes / dances emotes / accessories / two song concert) for a while but I'd probably get called a troll if I posted it. It's a really huge musical in Japan too so it'd probably be well received.

@Laep I, uh, think the live action movie killed the 1999 movie, but it CERTAINLY would be the most interesting crossover scratch to ever get, well, the most interesting crossover in history after the horrible movie we recently got.

Oh yeah, I just thought of this. We got a "F.A.T.E" with Odin from FFXIV, right? What about an Emergency Quest involving us fighting Apocalymon, Lucemon, or the Royal Knights and Yggdrasil?

Final Fantasy XIV is 🤢 but I really want that moogle mag device.

This post is deleted!

Sorry for necroposting, but I do feel like this would be a good idea for everyone. It'd be good since we have Survive on the way, a Digimon TCG releasing (having to wait till the 12th for where I am...) and, like I've said before, it fits with this game.

I don't think it will ever happen because Toei doesn't show any interest in doing other stuff that what is doing with Digimon.

@Jamesmor Could've sworn they had a crossover on another game, plus Bandai has shown interest in Digimon getting into Smash so..

Edit: Ahem, forgot to mention that I think Toei only owns the animation while Bandai owns the gaming franchise.

@ZarexWolf they had but recently Toei has done nothing more with Digimon and even if BAMCO shows interest to do another thing with Digimon is Toei who is the owner so if they say no it won't happen

@Jamesmor Just curious, but where did you get the information Toei is the owner of the entirety of Digimon?

@ZarexWolf Toei is the publisher of the original manga and all animations of Digimon so they basically own the ip and Bandai has a contract with Toei to make game adaptations of their series, that's also why most series that Toei make have game created by Bandai Namco.