Where is "hero" section in classes? - Help with some hero skills...

Hey Arks Ops,.

So I am trying out the new class Hero, and checking some guides online. I came through a guide on youtube where the guy performs successful blocks with sword weapon action, either by charging it or using it after a sword attack. I have been trying to do the same, to learn how to block, but it doesnt work for me. Either charging the sword weapon action or tapping it after a sword attack skill... any tips for this, or what am I doing wrong? ^^.

The Weapon Action has its i-frames when you fire off a charged shot, so you need to have Combo Aura Shot Charge to be able to do the Attack->Weapon Action "guard".

That said, those i-frames are not meant to be used as normal blocking, rather Hero is more about dodging to be able to use a Hero Counter.

The forum is missing a subforum for Hero in the Classes section, and also Episode 4/Earth and Episode 5 subforums in the Story section.

I actually have been meaning to discuss one of the series-relevant details of Episode 4 for a while, but there doesn't seem a good place to do that right now.

@Miraglyth I put in a suggestion thread for this down in the Forum Suggestions section a couple of days ago, but so far no responses and no real traffic in there. My guess is that unless there is a significant call for it (like there was for the Fan Art and NGS subforums), then they won't really bother to update things.