Lip Gloss B

Apologies, I’m a Steam player so maybe this has happened before.

I own the old sets of lip gloss simply called

Lip Gloss: Light Pink

Lip Gloss: Pink

Lip Gloss: Orange

Lip Gloss: Red

This latest AC scratch has a set called Lip Gloss B. I wasn’t sure if it was the same since while wearing Lip Gloss: Light Pink, I tried on Lip Gloss B: Light Pink in the player shops. It looked shinier and brighter so I got the B set for direct comparison.

They’re the exact same thing, only with B in the name so you can’t stack them(use item twice to unlock for account). I found it strange. It’s an older scratch item from June 3rd brought back just with a slightly different name.

I’m not mad but figured I’d give a head’s up to other newer players who might not know either.

It seems that the area painted with the lipstick (or simply the shape of the makeup) differs. The following blog post shows a good comparison between Lip Gloss: Orange and Lip Gloss B: Orange.


Oh so a plumping effect on the upper lip sort of? That’s interesting, thanks for finding that blog. I Googled about it but wasn’t finding any photos. I didn’t see any change in the shape on my character’s lips but I gave her that doll-like cupid’s bow shape already, maybe it’s more noticeable on other lips.

I remembered I only need one of these to make a comparison, so tried out with Lip Gloss: Red I already had. Indeed, they do differ. Maybe CAST is more suitable for this kind of comparison. 😃

Lip Gloss.jpg

I'm also thinking about getting the B set, so pretty glad to see the difference.


She’s so pretty! I’m sad I didn’t get a dramatic difference like that but you’ve given me hope to hold on to them for my alts.

Lip gloss is in the! Crazy