Useless 15 star weapon

Finally got a 15star and its for my most hated class, thanks sega for trolling us with EP5 after month of getting all my nem/slaves set up for my god rifle you slap me with this trashalt text

I mean you can still make your austere rifle, you just have to wait.

The fact that PD is dropping these is just a bonus if you can get lucky by first even getting one to drop.

How can you hate bouncer 😱

At least you got something to show out of it, even if you don't like bouncer.

I'm sure that many players with 0 13* drops after lots of UQs runs would appreciate a 15*, even if it's not for their main.

What a useless complaint, honestly.

The most amazing thing I see about that screenshot is how empty your inventory is

This does not deserve it's own thread. Please take your QQ spam back to Reddit. Thanks.

@Phantom-KenOhki What gave you that drop? I kind of want those for my bouncer.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Useless 15 star weapon:

@Phantom-KenOhki What gave you that drop? I kind of want those for my bouncer.

Profound Darkness is dropping those 15* weaps

Bouncer isn't my favorite but I sure as shit would give it more of a shot if I was lucky enough to get a 15* drop.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Damn, well looks like I'll need to do that one again.

@Laep I'm breaking the 30k mark with normal hits, (not counting my arts) with my setup, with Gix boots. Having the drop they had, I'd go from hitting like a truck, to hitting like a jet-tank.

if I found an ophistia, I would switch my main class to that class immediately lv 90 it and equip that mfer

I would make an alt use such a weapon if my main couldn't use it and make them the highest level with the best stuff.

Not sure if bragging or actual complaining...