Episode 5 Story Skip

For some reason while doing Episode 5 Story Mode, while I was clearing all the dailog only quests, I ended up completing chapters without needing to do the buster/combat quests, to the point I now have 3 buster quests and 1 combat quest listed at once.20201002230209_1.jpg

These Buster Quests are not needed to progress through the episode 5 stories.

When Ep. 5 was first introduced on the JP server, we have to clear these Buster Quests. But as many players disliked this mode, it soon became quite hard to match enough players to do the quests. This resulted in many players stranded in stories because of the Buster Quests, they changed the requirements to make the Story Buster Quests optional and not needed for the story progression.

We have these updated requirements, thankfully 😃

@Fiona-Respha Ah I see, I thought it was weird that it let me progress with the story without doing the quests first since thats how it was all this time until episode 5, but when I saw that it was an 8 player quest I started to think that maybe it was intended to be able to progress without doing the buster quests, but by then I had already posted this, lol. Thank you for confirming it for me though!

Sorry to necro this post, but i just encountered this issue. To confirm, there's no need to do these buster quests, but is tehre anything locked behind them? Like titles or SG?

As far as I know, there's no extra rewards for clearing these story buster quests.