People not joining party or setting down beacons

Did as suggested and turned on auto loot materials, 13*+ weapons and 12* + units. Maxed out the Roughnecks ring to imprint on my 12* unit so that when I drop a beacon everyone gets a damage resistance bonus on top of the party bonuses.

Before I join the next mission I ask if everyone got all their loot and that they're ready to roll before queueing up. I am going to make my own solution.

@Frathlir The party ring only applies to you as far as i know, not the whole party

@Astral-Lettie Oh. I guess I completely misread that ring then. Dang. Well, I'm leveling up a fast Atomizer now for my final unit, which can benefit the party with quick resurrects if they decide to eat floor.

That's too bad though, I thought the ring sounded really neat for the reason I thought.

@Frathlir i mean 5% reduction is not bad for one person, so it's still worth using, as due to unit rings now, most people will likely have it on at least one unit.

@Astral-Lettie I re-read the ring and from what I can tell, you're right. I still intend to use it as an unit ring, along with my Alternate Wired Mode and Atomizer Lover (or whatever that ring is called). Not sure what ring I'll actually wear yet.

I can't see why anyone would not use that ring, given you can effectively wear 4 L rings currently with the imprint to your units.

But at least those that join my party can rest assured I won't make the party bail before checking to make sure everyone picked up their goodies, and I won't just abandon a quest if I have others in my party.

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cry more alt text

hand over the SA, slowly.

i agree. upload that SA and hand it over XD

@Frathlir Atomizer ring is great because works on moon, sol and star atomizers. Pretty much free i-frames there.

Well this thread did it for me! No parties unless it is my Guild/alliance members!


That’s how I feel sometimes too.


You could drop a beacon and be respectful of others, verifying with them that they're ready to move on.. then everyone wins.

Other than that, yeah it's no party for me if I can't be the leader of it unless it's in my Alliance, haha.


It’s silly but I don’t want to be the party leader, anxiety is dumb like that. Your solution is perfectly reasonable though.

sometimes I just want a nice relaxing farm and auto words ruin that, so i go solo unless friends or single run UQs

No one is obligated to be in a party. I often lose loot being in one.

Ship 1 must be special or something, because I've never run into any of these problems in all my time with the game thus far.

If I join a beacon on the ground, I never run into any issues with being able to loot before the PL restarts the quest (when applicable), and when I run a party, I'll usually swap lead to someone else that's in my group after I'm done grabbing my EX-cube fodder before leaving the group.

To be fair as well, most of the loot in PSO2 isn't really worth anything to begin with. You should have materials, 13* Weapons, and 12* units set to auto-pick up from the get go, and any weapons drops that you may get from a UQ boss with potential augments on them shouldn't take you more than a few seconds to scoop up once the crystal's been broken, doubly so if you're going into an UQ with a maxed out inventory, or even a standard inventory that's not filled with crap you don't need, especially since most UQ's now are one and done.

I mean, if you don't want to join a party for an XP UQ like Halloween, or a 12-man UQ, that's fine..But for the love of all that is holy, if you're going to pug one of the 4-man rematch UQ's, there is zero reason not to join the party, and in fact you're just making it more difficult for everyone else if you don't.

I sometimes join parties and sometimes dont. However, if I ever get kicked I know i'll never join a party that doesn't involve friends/alliance members again. I dont blame those who avoid beacons because of that unfortunate encounter, in the end they solved their own problem.