Being a Hero is not fun (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Grind)

@ZorokiHanuke Yes, I absolutely agree! I mean, I can't imagine what's going through the mind of the poor Rappy that gets hit with, like 12 PAs in a row.

@ZorokiHanuke Yeah it's a very rough road. But it's super fun to play. Muscle memory is starting to form for me. I figure the dodges will come naturally as I get more used to the class. Similarly to how it came to me for dodging about as a knuckles fighter. Though I do hope Phantom is a bit less chaotic. I can't stay on octane all the time with hero or i'll cramp my hands xD


Two 150% isn't 300%. No % skills of anything is additive nor does it work like that anyways. It's 150% x 150% (1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25) and it's a final damage multiplier.

Also at lvl 15, that extra 225% dmg makes you do MAYBE 5000 instead of 2200. Having an actual weapon is far better and stronger than a few multipliers at lvl 15, so using a lvl 15 excuse is pointless. A new player would get a better weapon first. Not to mention you can get to lvl 40+ very easily especially on hero.

For reference, braver/hunter has 296% at the bare minimum, and they have one of the lowest multis. Fi/Hu is 377% at the min.

@Knight-Raime Dodging and blocking is where I still fail too much for my liking on this game. It's not that I can't see what's going on (most of the time), it's that in my condition, I can't order my hands to move fast enough to do the stuff. So I end up being able to block/dodge up to moderately fast stuff, like Anga, Falz angel, and a few others. But when it comes to faster stuff like phaleg or when overwhelmed from all sides like story Lilipa, my internal cpu shows how slow it really is on the computing speed thing.

@ZorokiHanuke what i can give you as an advice in that situations is bind a key (or button) for dash instead of the double tap, that will improve your movement by a lot (it will be wierd at first). Its normal that you get overwhelm or outnumbered (like lilipa or last phase Castle Gemini/ Extreme Profound Darkness), only try to reposition yourself as soon as you can to get better results. My best wishes

@QQ-Ramza-QQ Oh, I AM using a button for dodge. My problem is not the configuration. It's my super slow mind to hand speed.

@ZorokiHanuke I've been practicing my dodging on the ultimate quest Nav. Enemies are frantic enough to force me to keep my whits up. Phaleg is it's own beast and I don't think anyone should feel bad if they can't conquer her. She's intentionally different from any content that exists now or will exist in the future.

@Knight-Raime In my case, I feel my only alternative is memorization, so I can pretty much tell my body to dodge/block before the event. Works well on what I can do at the time. I just have to spend some more time on the harder courses, and MAYBE get off my lazy ass and get me some more worthy gear. I feel I'm already running on handouts. 🙂

@ZorokiHanuke I'm currently using Stella wall units with the +35 ather fuse sword from zig and +30 fornis tmgs and talis and they seem to be serving me alright.

@Knight-Raime My main is actually a bouncer. He has Ray units and fornis weapons. Now, since this thread is about hero, my hero alt does have those stella units equipped, but weapons may need an upgrade. My TMG is the three strike thing from Yamato. It's currently +10 and since I have no real info on it's augment other than the little description text in game, I'm undecided if I should get the one that asks for photon spheres or the one that asks for aether sources.,

@ZorokiHanuke Ahh bouncer. Loved it till I figured out I needed to use soaring blades as well to be effective then I dropped it cause I didn't want to manage two weapons at a time. Still kinda don't but Hero lets me swap with PA's so it's managable for me.

I didn't cash in on the ray units like everyone else did at the time so all 3 of my characters just been with saiki until I got stella. Unfortunately I can't help you with the weapons. As far as I knew the desireables that dropped from esca/yamato were the units. I went fornis because of it's potential that heals you when matching elements. Very nice on my TMG's because it lets me brrrrrr the enemy to heal since I don't cast with the talis at all. (not a big fan of casting d: )

But yeah what's probably holding you back is your weapon not being max grinded. If you want to wait on that until you know more about the potentials you could try your luck with either a jutus or nemi/raven/invade all from the unique badge shop. Alternatively if you don't want to deal with that grind cap you can go budget with fornis for TMG's and grind out PD or buster advance 3+ for 14/15* rarity weapon drops.

@Knight-Raime I may go fornis for TMG, since it could be a nice life saver. Sword, though, I have a few decent (bot not end game) options. Can go for the Zig sword that needs just 20 aether thingies, or the weapon badge 4 stuff (since we can get up to 480 easy badges as of now), or bite it and get a nem.

As for Talis, I ain't casting any attack stuff on that either. I only equip shifta, megiverse, resta and anti. I use talis in a way similar to thrown chakrams, and those can do pretty fast and random combos coupled with some CC and charged attacks.

Lastly, this ons ie short cuz we are not on bouncer thread, but I liked bouncer since I installed this game, JUST recently I decided to really buff the stuff, and yes, I agree weapon swapping is meh, and the class does need more than one L ring to be really viable, but the damage we can do by spamming p blades when in fever mode is just to awesome to ignore. Then it's either swap between kestrel and disperser to manage gear gauge while doing some kind of damage, or switch to boots and combo jet sweep kick until fever is up again.

Only using two of the hero weapons works fine for charging the hero time meter. You don't really have to worry about having every photon art in your weapon pallette (since some of the photon arts aren't too useful anyway). And for that photon art/technique combo skill all you really have to do is use one then the other, so using just two photon arts the entire time works.

Also just to clear this up since I've seen people in game that don't seem to know this still, if you tap the weapon swap photon art instead of holding it down it's also it's own photon art, it only switches weapons if you hold it down. This is really helpful info for moving around the map faster with the sword, and the one that switches from talis to sword is one of the best photon arts for dealing damage with talises besides the vacuum AOE one.

I got a 15* tmg from PD and I barely even use the sword. Spin to win baby! It’s beautiful.

I'm learning to be quite mobile with TMG, or at least pull a lot of i frames. I'm refraining from holding reload because it makes me a sitting duck. Instead, I do multiple dodges and tap perfect reloads for small bursts of PP. Reload time to full may be roughly the same, but it's much safer and I feel I can cover more distance. I'm also learning to end all attacks into perfect reloads, but my timing there is a little worse. Decided to use the 13 star guns I got from yamato, a sword I bought for like 2 mill meseta that restores my HP to full every now and then, and the Talis Zig sells for aether thingies. Though I feel my Gal Wing would have been more than enough for the task..

Also, is it me or is hero an amalgamation of Megaman tropes?