Being a Hero is not fun (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Grind)

Why is this class so hard? (Because it's Scion) I don't mean hard to play, no, it's pretty easy to play. Shit, two 150% attack bonus for just breathing and a ridiculously high chance to be left at 1 hp instead of dying?! But between memorizing 27 weapon combos, dodge / Hero counter AND activating Hero Time, it's too much! I just want to poke a Dragon in the butt with a stick...

If you think Hero has a lot of involved mechanics, then boy howdy, wait till you see the rest of the successor classes.

Basically you are trading low skill entry for raw power and survivavility. Yes, you won't die, yes you will hit like a truck, but you will have to learn a few more weapon switching combos to do what's expected of you for the class to really be OP. Once you learn those things, though, you WILL be be poking dragons with sticks, and killing them on the spot.

Sorry what? Hero doesn't have any real combos besides rising slash rising slash normal attack weapon action. Yes you need to remember to use the other PAs every so often for hero time building, but you only need to do that once every minute, if even that.

The hard thing about hero is playing the floor is lava and counters.

In fact, everything you find hard about hero will immediately be an afterthought when you actually fight the dragon and realize that you keep getting hit and losing hero boost and do literally no damage.

Also two 50% boosts is VERY small. Every used class combination has a much higher multiplier than hero's 1.5x1.5x1.6 (3.6x).

Unfortunately Hero doesn't reward making use of your weapon swap PA's enough. Just holding down normal attack on TMG will be on par or outdps any crazy weapon swap combo. Same goes for Talis and Sword. Spamming one PA will be your best option.

Since I'm pretty dumb at inventing things, I'm still trying to come up with some combos to switch weapons and all that, since supposedly the boost bar fills faster by not sticking to a single weapon. I admit I knew nothing about Hero, nor read anything beforehand. I'm learning this class on my own from what I've got here in Global. So far I have seen that all three weapons are viable for similar and on different situations. I mean, I see no reason to skip any, as they all have their uses and do good damage. Also doing more than one thing, at least without sacrificing dps, makes the class more fun. Yes, sometimes I go lazy and just spam TMG normal + reload, but that gets boring quite fast.


I'm pretty sure swapping different weapons and pa's builds your meter faster and said meter gives you a growing damage boost that could be maintained for a long time.

Yes most of heros damage is locked behind counters. But if you're just going to spam basic tmg attacks you might as well not even play hero. Kind of ruins the point of the class.

I wish SEGA would officially allow damage parsers so I could tell how my damage totals are on Hero compared to my older classes. I think I’m getting used to the class, but comparing damage is hard when you are comparing knuckle hits that go out in big single punches to weapons that hit much more often like Hero TMGs. Rockbear sorta works, but it’s a damage consistency thing. Can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed when you used to see 6 digit numbers all the time and now your main dps combos throw up a bunch of sub 20k hits.


  1. Bulletblitz 2x -> normal 3
  2. Rising Slash 1 hit cancel 2x -> normal 3
  3. Held Bulletblitz -> Sleightshot Gambit -> Held Switchfire Gambit

For those who are interested in how to do that 1 hit cancel rising slash, it looks like this:

The t hing I hate most about Hero is the sword. I've never liked melee classes, and hero is very squishy for what it is. I've never been a fan of "Placement" attacks in action games either. I don't like timing things for specific possible placement of enemies.

I'll never like Hero. Period. Similarly, I will never like Phantom. Etoile on the other hand, is fine.

@Reilet said in Being a Hero is not fun (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Grind):


  1. Bulletblitz 2x -> normal 3
  2. Rising Slash 1 hit cancel 2x -> normal 3
  3. Held Bulletblitz -> Sleightshot Gambit -> Held Switchfire Gambit

For those who are interested in how to do that 1 hit cancel rising slash, it looks like this:

Goody. The timing on the sword cancel is being a b###h for me. Can do it, but many times I fail to get to the jumping part and instead stay grounded. The other two can be used more straight away with less problems. Yes, sure, in general may be more effective for some to just spam TMG, and that can also be used as a pinch basic strategy to fall onto. But where's the fun in that? Even a soon to be old timer like me knows that games should be about fun. Though I also understand that just seeing improved dps no matter how boring the way to it may be, is someone else's meaning of fun as well. Whatever floats their boats.

Anyway, I'm having some fun with the class. Wearing a short, round avatar makes it feel like playing meta knight if sticking to swords. Or spamming also sword weapon action is pretty much playing mega man.


The general gist of hero PA rotations is basically doing two of the same PA and then doing a basic attack. As that usually ends you up in the third hit of your chain which returns the most PP.

The actual meat of the class damage wise comes from hero counters. You usually just rotate through your weapons based on preference rather than optimal dps afaik. As long as you're keeping yourself from getting hit and landing the occasional counter in hero time should remain up for awhile which combined with hero boost is where your phat dps comes in. It's not as spicy per hit damage like other PA rotations on older classes but it adds up over time if you can maintain.

I'd just focus on getting comfortable with switching weapons around and finding PA key setups that feel comfortable for you first. Then just learn to avoid damage. Speaking of the class does boast some Guard frames for both TMG's and sword. Sword's are releasing it's weapon action after a single charge level and the first spin of your 360 sword swipe. (there's a skill you get at some point that basically lets you do a single charged blast after any sword action effectively giving you guard frames whenever you want.)

on TMG's the only two I know of are during the infinite storm? where you bounce around, and if you do a hero counter and then do the piercing shots PA (the one where you're firing what looks like orange AoE circles.)

@Knight-Raime Thanks for the tips. Gotta take it slowly with this class since it does come with things I like but take a bit for me to grasp. Not enough to make it my main, but a fun secondary to put some effort into. I already understand it's a sustained dps class instead of burst, so I'm trying to setup for that continuous damage train. Of course, I'll also need to work (a lot ) on the "don't get damage" part, lel

@Reilet Let me tell you a story. There once was a little PSO2 noob player, let's call him... FSO. FSO thought bouncers were the stupidest class because they were EVERYWHERE, like flying around. So, FSO played Techter and was happy hitting monkeys with a bowling pin. Then, one day, FSO thought he should see what the big deal was so he tried flying. FSO realized flying around as a Bouncer was fun and he flied through the air with all his other Bouncer friends. The end.

As a Hero, I want to push ALL the buttons because pushing all the buttons is fun! But you're right about the combos (probably). I meant PA rotations are hard to remember to chain together in a way that stays interesting, instead of spamming.

Equip Tmg > Sleightshot gambit > Starfire Squall > Reload (Weapon Action) > Sleightshot Gambit switch to Talis > Houndblade > Teleport (Weapon Action) > Jet Wheel > Fallback Gambit switch to Tmg > repeat. (Maybe there's a mod that will do this for me)

Although, if your point is no one HAS to do that... I agree... seeing as I have never actually successfully did this (because I always right click a left click, or hold shift at the wrong time, lol) But, I mean, the game doesn't have to be about killing things fast, right?

However, if a "new" player DOES want to kill things fast. 2 x 150% damage is big to me, it's the second and third in this class' skill tree. What class combination at level 15(?) does over 300% weapon damage?

And well, I messed up and my very old fighting game mind took the reins here. Why I'm saying this? because I'm doing combos more akin to fighting games than what would be acceptable for PSO2 dps... I don't know who can relate but here's how I see it

In fighting games, mostly those very combo heavy Capcom versus whatever games, and actually in many other games, you usually start up with regular attacks, looking to disable the opponent long enough to pull a string that ends up in a special move. Here in PSO2, combos are a little different and can start with PAs and end with regular attacks.

So my hard wired mind goes almost automatically for something like tap trickflash>regular 2x>tap rising slash>tap weapon action 3x. Is it a good dps combo? Hardly. Is it EVEN a combo? Dunno. Am I having fun doing it and seeing it in action? Hell yes! Mostly on enemies that can be juggled. So I guess me wanting to go back to the old years of tapping 'weak,weak,medium,heavy,special,super' is trumping any sense for this game to me. Doesn't mean I'm not throwing the occasional proper combo, but these are just too fun to not do.