Open beta question

Will it be an update for the closed beta that I have downloaded already or an entirely new download?

New update as of today, preload now so you can get on when the OBT drops.

I can't seem to find how to download the open beta patch (or whatever it is) for the closed beta I have.

Same, maybe it auto updated?

It apparently auto-updates, unless you have it disabled. I saw someone post somewhere else that their updated at 10:12 AM PDT for them.

@Nytetrayn @SirDoodlesAlot the best way to be sure it updated is to launch the CBT version you have.

If it didn't update already, it will be forced to update before you can launch it.

I launched it, and got as far as the ship selection. Would I not be able to get that far unless I have the update?

@Nytetrayn yeah u should be fine mate