Outfit disappeared

I bought one megumin replica in ship four and I love that outfit, but today somehow after this extra maintenance mine Megumin replica disappeared. I looked over my inventary, all mine storage, salom and did the search but this clouth its just gone. There's no other Megumin replica to sell in my ship and since I play on ship 4 this is really expensive and took sometime to get the amount of money to buy

as far as i can realized I lost mine Sakura Shinguji's Hakama and mine Megumin replica. Can someone help me?

Items can disappear and no one cares about. How should I keep playing knowing that I gonna lost my items in the next maintenance. I should just delete this post.

Great and you can't even delete your own messages.

If a mod see this, can at last please delete the post for me? with would be really kind.