Add Star Gems and Ideal Unit Set to Mileage Master Mutan's Shop + Price Feedback

As suggested with adding Star Gems to the Casino(Thank you very much for adding that, by the way!) I'll also give a suggestion to do the same for Mutan's shop. Concurrently, there isn't a lot of incentives to do Challenge Mode unless you're really bored and want to be a part of the ranking, or want to hang out with friends. Doing Challenge Mode as a beginner would net you a lot of benefits early on in the main game due to the Ideal Set. Especially if there was a Mile bonus. The extra SG would be a nice bonus.

Another feedback/suggestion is to lower the price on some items in the shop. They've always been over the top, even in JP, but having 10k for Tri-Boost 50 while increasing Tri-Boost 100 to 35k seems a bit unfair. If 50 is 10k, shouldn't 100 be halved to 20k? 35k would make a spec of sense if we were talking 150% or higher.

Or perhaps, have 5k for Tri-Boost 50 and 10k for Tri-Boost 100? Not that many would go for 50 in the first place since dailies spits them at you if you're active, but pointing this out nonetheless ^^;

Thanks for your hard work!

PS, yes, I know there's better gear. I'm just doing my part in what I think can improve the player experience.

I agree.