So I've made a Guild with a discord, XTrickyPumkinsX and been wondering if there are any other Guilds who want to share themselves out there, mine's been mostly empty, but I've noticed recently that Other Guilds have been slowly becoming more Ban-Happy Servers overall, I planned to later see the other Guilds posted here as a review room, after all is said and done, I'll try to either confirm they're not Ban Happy, or flat out tell the Public Community "this room may not fit your tastes" hope You enjoy this Topic!


This room will be a share your server, I'll review or others can, and share what they say about the servers, its Clear people hate Ban Happy Servers, but how do we find Ban Happy Servers if no one Catches and Lists them?

Fill Free to share Guild Servers that you'd think are not "Extreme Ban" Servers, this just means

Here's the Criteria for a "safe Guild" server:

  1. Servers that don't bully members into participating in events

  2. Servers that enforce Fair Rules Appropriately (No Trivial Tules with no reasons that may Exclude, Segregate or divide Members irrationally)

  3. Servers that use Logical deduction and a reasonable amount of investigation to decide a Ban or kick is warranted for the Individual's in Question. (Check Logs, The Chat, Interactions, and DM's)

most of this makes Servers easy to run, but many fall short at the idea of removing "Bad Mods" in their Server, allowing many Bad Decisions to continue till the Discord becomes a "Negative Echo Chamber" full of Bad Moderation and Toxic Users