Arks Hour Live Stream

Did anyone catch this? It was pretty cool to see a live stream. GM Beemo is Mexican? Whaaaat?

What did you guys think of it? Was that third girl @GM-Deynger? No offense, but her timing was really off and her audio was pretty bad (Oh god, that weird Summoner question). Please get her off the stream, Sega! Did anyone else notice really bad framerate for the videos? I came for Episode 5 news, I got a history lesson and peppers challenge. Despite some parts that really dragged, I can't wait for Episode 2!

Not on twitch, but I think a lot of people watched it / the recording on youtube ( ). Make sure you get the stream item code reward stuff too from that item code at the end.

Dunno who the last person on the stream is, but I don't know why it'd be any specific GM over another. I didn't exactly watch the whole stream though, so maybe they mention a name.

The last person, Saccharin, is one of the new Community Managers who were recently hired.

@Leonkh99 Haha, that's why I thought it was @GM-Deynger . New community manager huh? Maybe they should have put her there as the guest, instead of being host? I guess you don't get a GM title unless you're decent at the game or something?

Also, I don't remember what level GM JJDragon was but my hero can't do ANY of what he showed! I decided to go back to my Braver, less complicated for my two brain cells. Is everyone else enjoying their hero?