Reduce the Damage number scaling so that it is alot smaller + Ramp up difficulty

1st Suggestion:

i noticed during the CBT that the damage values are incredibly high from the start, at level 1 i was already doing about 700 damage, a few levels later with the use of certain PA's i saw myself already consistantly doing 6k damage to several enemies at once. While im well aware that in JP its common for endgame players to deal 6 digit damage, maybe it could be rebalanced so that the damage calculation and enemy HP is more reminiscent to that of PSU and the original PSO. When i played in the earlier days of JP PSO2 i remember the damage values being overall alot lower.

if nothing is done to change this, please add commas to the damage values, so instead of seeing "648301" Damage, we see "648,031" as it is sometimes hard to know how many digits were actually in the hit itself 🙂

2nd Suggestion:

This maybe somewhat of an extention to my first suggestion, but perhaps if there was an option to make missions more difficult, such as adding extra conditions to each mission

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