New Equipment Sheets - farmin Nox weapons?

Good morning 😛

Yesterday i played the first time the new Buster Quest. Before i activated the new collection folders für some new weapons. then i saw that we have to farm Nox weapons to complete this folders. I played then 1 Buster Quest and gettin no Nox weapons but roundabout 5% for the sheet. Does that mean if other people get a nox weapon it will give me also % for my collection folders?

I pretty much had the same question. Although, I already tried several different runs to no avail , even the buster quests as well. Its getting frustrating that I have not had anything that shows the Nox weapons that I need for the Collection

You don't need to farm any item to complete the collection files, the way they work (at least for the older ones, havent checked out the newest ones yet) is that you complete a certain objective (complete expeditions, complete emergency quests, etc) and then you'll get points for completing them. So like if you clear a quest you'll get a 5% or 10% or whatever boost (think it increases based on difficulty/rank) and then once you get to 100% the next time you complete the specified objective, the specified item needed for the sheet will drop (will appear as a normal drop, but with a white/silverish color) and once you pick the item up it will be marked as "complete" on the sheet. Once you have all of the objectives completed, the sheet item will be deposited into your inventory automatically once all of the objectives are completed. Hope this helps!

yeah all fine. But why is their a Nox Weapon? 😄

They picked Nox. That's it.

Basically when you clear the objective for the folder (which is to kill the Supernatural enemies from Episode 5), you will get a forced Nox drop. Pick it up, and that part of the folder is clear, and you get the folder weapon.

@Matt Why a Nox? Because it'd be lame if they threw yet another red series weapon into it. At least a Nox can be used by a pre 80 alt for a bit.

ok nice guys

So I just grabbed one of these folders and seems the only requirement is to kill supernatural enemies. These enemies spawn in buster quests, as far as I know.

EDIT: Tried the one quest that lets you fight supernaturals directly, and no fill for CF. Story buster quests can only be done once per account only, so the only way into this CF is through the sole BQ at the main counter.

I think whenever we get Enchanted Forest that'll probably make it easier to get the CFs done without grinding Busters a ton for it.

Until we have a reliable way to get more RWB4s, we'll have to grind Buster Quests a ton for the materials to upgrade the weapons anyway.