Expanding the Support FAQ section

I submitted a ticket, however wanted to also post it here for visibility purposes.

The FAQ section is pretty dated at this point and could use several new topics that would make it easier for both the GMs and community members to answer others questions directly with a legitimate source.

If anyone can add to the list, please do so in a reply.

FAQ list suggestions:

Mission Pass topic

MAG Evolution Device

Founder/Ragol Edition redemption

Premium topic (time remaining, activating it, perks, etc)

Character Ship Change Request

AC topic (where to see amount remaining, history of AC use, AC Scratch, AC items, etc)

How to change account name (the automatically assigned one during the CBT)


MyRoom topic

MyShop topic

The listed above are the more common questions I have seen, however I am sure there are other extremely common questions that could qualify as "frequently asked questions".

Additional topics for FAQ:

How to redeem XBOX Ultimate PSO2 perks

How to use AC Scratch Tickets

Updated error codes (667 for example)

Based on twitter and some things on the forum, this is greatly needed.

Thank you! I'll have Live Ops look into this.