Free Match Buster Quest Drop Crystal is Bugged

As the title says, the drop crystal, when it broke, I had 0 things drop for me despite getting the notification of a 10 star item dropping. I'd provide a screenshot, but there was literally nothing to show since I was too slow to show the notification. It was not a story quest and I was not in a party so neither one of those would've been the cause.

Do you have material auto pick-up on? If so, it is possible that what dropped was a 10* Material item, like an Excube.

@AndrlCh I remember setting it to auto pick up for material items, however, the buster medals are 8*, not 10 and I have the drop animation play for 10* or greater.

@ZarexWolf Yes, but Excubes (which are one of the drops from Free Matches) are 10*, and they count as materials so they will be automatically picked up.

@AndrlCh Ok, I didn't know that they drop from the free match, though, you'd expect a weapon or two to drop, right? Like the Deo weapons or a few discs?

@ZarexWolf The main point of Free Matches is the Buster Medals; for other drops, you play the Main Matches.

@AndrlCh Ah... Sorry for this, haven't played the JP so my knowledge is very minimal and assumed poorly.

@ZarexWolf No big deal. We learn by questioning things.

@AndrlCh Thanks. Though at least this does squash the possibility for more people ask this. lol

@ZarexWolf Free Matches also give you a 100% triboost for the next 2 matches you do in main match.

@Theuberclips Interesting, thank you for telling me that.

@ZarexWolf forgot to mention i believe you can stack it up. I don't know if it's per-character basis or if its account wide though, might test that later as i've been hopping between a bunch of my 85s

@Theuberclips Alright, if it does stack, that'll be absolutely amazing.