Episode 5 has made me realize how much we need a new Shining Force game.

Yeah, technically Episode 5 draws inspiration more from Langrisser than Shining Force, but the idea still is there, seeing everything from the mission map, your forces marshaling between towns, the Castrum Battles themselves, everything really about Episode 5 has made me realize how much I miss the Shining Force series.

It's also made me consider picking up the Langrisser 1&2 collection on Steam. Anyone else besides me suddenly feeling that pane of nostalgia and longing for Sega to return to the TBS genre in the modern day? Honestly, I'd even take a Phantasy Star Tactics spin off.

I love Shining Force 1 and 2 and I agree that we need a new one like those two.

I like how everyone has given up on asking for Phantasy Star V lol.


As much as I'd love a Phantasy Star V, I think PSU was the closest we're ever going to get to that... Besides, PSIV's story did wrap up the original Trilogy (Quadrilogy if you count PSIII), so there's really no where a PSV could have gone story wise, and I just don't think Phantasy Star really could return to it's turn-based roots after literal decades of being action-orientated at this point.

At most, I could see something like Star Ocean or Tales Of, but PS, like Final Fantasy, just isn't a series that really belongs in the turn-based combat genre anymore.

Shining Force? This Mega Drive (RPG)? No.I dont miss them. I was never a Fan of this Games. Lufia with this 99floors? Played it two times till endboss.Hello 6-7h to reach the last floor to get killed? Because you lost the strongest Char in the story for this mode.