Some QoL changes suggestions that would be nice to have ingame

1. Photon tree buff can be received without changing blocks, so that players can remain in the party.

I know the intention of keeping buff time limited and still running even in the lobby so that players can occasionally meet clan-mates, but there are just better ways to fulfill this purpose, like people from the same clan can arbitrarily pick their preferred block, so that going to alliance space to create socializing opportunity does not justify the inconvenience caused by players leaving the party.

2. Separate melee and ranged photon arts under Inventory > Customize > Equip weapons.

The list is way too long, adding a single subcategory does not hurt. Also, they can merge stuff like personal skills and compound techs if they really want to have that number of subcategories.

3. Allow weapon palette and sub palette customization for AIS, Ridroid, etc.

The default palatte for vehicles are just not that great, especially when AIS' healing aura has different hotkeys based on the level (E.g., in Yamato mission, the hotkey is 5, but in previous limited quest when fighting Matgasu it is 4). Ridroid does not have a dismount in weapon palette after you press shift.

4. Separate BGM volume control slide bar for combat and lobby areas.

Most combat BGMs are either dynamic and/or long enough, so it is harder to get tired of them compared to the lobby music. It would be nice to be able to turn off lobby music while keeping combats/event music on without manually going to setting every single time.

5. Allow batch selling junk items to the store with filters, e.g., <10 stars, <5 affixes.

When picking up loots, there are always junks hiding inside drops that you actually want. To make the matter worse, some emergency trials just give you worthless trash (like 3 star zero affix gunblades) to occupy your inventory space. It would be nice to at least allow us to sell those junks easier.

6. 7~9stars drops no longer have red glow to differentiate from 10-star drops.

7 to 9 stars were considered rare back in like EP1 or 2, but they are significantly obsolete and should not be considered rare anymore. 10 star weapons and units can be exchanged for valuable EX-cubes and/or photon spheres. 7~9 are pretty much useless.

7. Meseta drop less frequent but in larger quantity, overall amount unchanged or slightly nerfed to compensate the fact that not all Meseta crystals are getting picked up.

Even with auto pickup Mesetas, there are just too many Meseta drops, especially during PSE-bursts. Reducing the amount of crystals dropped to, say, 1/10, but increase the dropped value will make actually individually picking them up worthwhile.

8. LV11 photon arts/technique discs have different color than the ones that are LV10 or less.

Another quality of life change that would be nice to have, so that when picking them up, I don't need to walk to them, check one by one.

9. Allow mini-map resizing and re-scaling.

On higher resolutions, mini-map from top right is way too small. The larger map at center blocks the vision of the character, so sometimes people need to constantly turn them on or off. If mini-map re-scaling and resizing is available, I can even just put the mini map that was centered to the top right and still do fine.

My thoughts, In odrer:

1 I can't tell you how many times I've gone to enter a quest and realized my tree buff expired or have to wait for another player to go load their alliance quarters, run to the tree, select their buff, and load back into the area, be re-invited, and then start the quest again. so annoying.

2 I find this completely unnecessary and think all PA Fragment based custom discs should be under the same heading, either with more boosts available by leveling up or requiring more acheivements to level up their categories.

3 Without a doubt this is the biggest thing on this list. I would go a step further and add the ability to choose a Dark Blast form from the palette by which blast it is, not have to activate it, select it, and then choose. from what's available, I usually go with luther/loser form because it's ranged damage is very useful for inconsistant or lower dps classes such as Te mains against levels with high mobility bosses (PD comes to mind)

4 I'm tired of listening to whatever BS is playing in lobby while talking with friends. I usually just mute the BGM altogether, and play spotify or something in the background. When I'm talking to other players in a voice chat not on xbox, it's outright annoying to have music playing in the background because it splits my focus and I find myself saying "what? huh? can you repeat that?" etc, even with the 80% volume reduction when it detects voice input.

5 The game shows you how many slots X item has when you over it. If you pick it up to sell it, you can sort the items by enhancement level, rarity, number of augments, item type, even lock certain items and sort that way. Completley redundant at this point.

6 yeah, 7-9 star items shouldn't even be red boxes. they literally drop like candy in SH quests. you can turn off their notifications in options tho. Grind bait at best.

7 Just make auto meseta pickup true to name and give it a range that requires you to walk through the level. It's way too narrow as it is.

8 The color white comes to mind for disc highlight for Lv 11 or higher PAs.

9 Yes. I sit about 20 feet from my 55" TV and I can't read most dialogue boxes unless I move closer.

I would also add that when using lock on and attempting to go around/run from an enemy, sometimes the game locks up super close and spins around the enemy super fast, and refuses to let you move away, usually resulting in the player dying. Can we get an option to double tap something so that players with smaller hands (like me, my hands are half the size of shaq's hands, barely reaching the edge of his palm when placed base to base ;.;) as controllers get bigger, and have more buttons, I have a harder time not using a keyboard, and I find keyboards foreign when playing games. reaching for that L button means I can't use the d-pad, etc.

One note on #4: I'd like a dedicated button for toggling music and video sounds if I want to have something else in the background.

#5 also reminded me of one, not necessarily related thing: SEA server used to have a way to lock items that prevents them from being sent into storage when they're selected as a part of a batch, so that you could send things to storage quickly without accidentally sending something you actually needed in your inventory. It's weird that it wasn't added to other versions

@Cakewalk said in Some QoL changes suggestions that would be nice to have ingame:

7~9stars drops no longer have red glow to differentiate from 10-star drops. 7 to 9 stars were considered rare back in like EP1 or 2, but they are significantly obsolete and should not be considered rare anymore. 10 star weapons and units can be exchanged for valuable EX-cubes and/or photon spheres. 7~9 are pretty much useless.

This one... I'm gonna suggest an alternative. Instead of having red + glowy red boxes... I'd prefer to see 10-12* items drop as yellow/gold colored instead. It would be much better, imo.

Another thing I want to see that wasn't on your list... we need to be able to zoom out the camera more! Bosses take up my entire screen in melee range and it makes it really hard to see what I'm doing, sometimes.

@Cakewalk I agree that they should add all of these changes, and of course that batch selling should have a confirmation at the end showing what is about to get sold. Maybe give the 7-9 Stars a different color, as those are still slightly useful for dismantling, or give 10-12 Stars a different color, though it can't be gold as 15 Star weapons are gold. I think it'd also be good if all the augments on an item showed up on the field. And if the item info boxes in the inventory/menus was expanded to show all 8 Augments, plus Ring and Times (if applicable) abilities on the first page.

1. It would be so nice if you didn't form a party or start a quest only to realise you forgot the tree buff and have to repeat that work. I know preserving party between blocks is asking too much and Alliance Quarters have to be a pseudo block. I'm on the fence a little because it's nice to cross paths with people in the alliance space and removing the need to go there for buffs would remove that from the game. On the other hand it seems like NGS has already chosen to do that.

One thing I'd really like to do that's not entirely related is have the ability to set a primary block that you always enter when logging in, and perhaps also after leaving a quest or a non-block space like Universal Ship blocks or Personal/Alliance Quarters. That'd at least make it a little quicker for groups and alliances to reconvene after collectively refreshing buffs.

5. Auto-sell has dangers, but if implemented well could either always or optional (on by default) include several safeguards like never selling anything with a Soul, Factor or Fever augment.

I'd go a step further and add a filter to block the reward of various low-quality items from several emergency trials. We all get a bunch of Vita weapons and the mighty Apvacudor and it'll never not astonish me that this hasn't been called out as a nuisance for years on JP.

6. Definite agree. I've taken to only showing the Rare Drop visual on 10★ and above in the settings, that way if I get the jingle and not a visual I know it's 7-9★ and can be safely ignored (unless it's an egg). However this only works for one-off drops from mobs; it doesn't help at all with the loot pinata drops especially from repeatable UQs like we're getting again now with Trick or Treat.

I did care for 7-9★ drops when raising mags because 10★ and up cannot be fed. But I've got four level 200 mags now and the only remaining one is on an alt whose inventory is 48/50 at most times of the right 9★. Once that's sorted out, unless I ever want to buy another mag, I can't imagine a use for them.

They've long since stopped being rare, and when you pick up a Zax it feels kind of immersion-breaking for a character NPC weilding a cosmogenic arm to tell you how jealous they are.

7. Honestly I think it'd be fine if the auto-loot range for meseta was half as huge as it was for the other types of auto-loot. It's mostly the fact that meseta can pile up in a visible radius like three feet around you during a PSE Burst despite auto-loot being on that makes it feel inadequate.

8. Now that's clever. Some Lv.10 ones can still be surprisingly valuable (100k+) so I'm not sure I'd ignore them myself, but I still support the idea. I'd probably prefer the Lv.11+ ones to be cyan or lighter green rather than white which would risk them being confused for other rares (red) or Collection Folder drops (white).

@Tarina Meseta already glows yellow, so that won't work, maybe like brown or something, because nothing glows that color. Gold should be 15* items but gold is close to yellow and orange, so...

As far as the camera goes, I believe you can get it to zoom way out using a custom camera for bosses like elder that basically stay in one place, but otherwise IDK.