Halloween stuff?

I was hoping the HALLOWEEN stuff was going to be released the 1st on the month but I guess episode 5 outranks that. Hopefully we can get some confirmation on the items for next week or the week after, (2 weeks). I am sorry but Halloween is just always my favorite time of the year.

We get 3 maintenance session this month. If anything, they could roll it out late and have it extend into November possibly. Who knows. I think they have their plates full trying to fix the player shop they broke (I guess technically not 3, but pretty close to it).

@Qwid1339 Yeah the content was released pretty early in JP, and there was plenty of time for fun. Then they had some skull stuff for the 1st week in November in the fun scratch, similar to what is in the mission pass. But the way things are going with catch up, I hope it's not released closer to the end of October. They did the 4th of July, and summer events with enough time. But yes I know playing catchup and having content on top of content makes that timeframe a lot more difficult.

So excited. I love all of it. Also I can now finish my Haunted house Personal Quarters. I had Chinese coffee tables as coffins instead of graves but now I can do right. Hype!!!!