Can't access personal shop

After the EP.5 maintenance, I can't access the Personal Shop via Visiphone anymore. When I click Personal Shop, it gives me a Usage Restriction message "There is currently a problem with the selected function. Use is restricted for investigation. Please check the player's site for details."

I've only started playing like 2 days ago and I suddenly can't access the personal shops anymore. I've only browsed and haven't bought anything on it since I'm new and no mesata.

Anyone have the same issue? Anyone know how what I'm supposed to do to access personal shops again?

Ya i cant use the personal shop as well. Havent played since ep4 launch but i frequently used it prior. Posting and buying. Get the same Usage Restrictions message

Japan is having the same issue.

Whew, so it isn't just me. Thought I got banned from the personal shops 2 days into the game.

me to what happened?

From what I heard. Sega discovered a duping glitch and disabled the personal shop till they could patch it out. Also this is not the Topic you should be posting the thread in. Try Bug Report.