Where are the supernatural enemies needed for the sheets?

I want to sheet babay!

Enchanted forest.

Might have to start episode 5 story stuff before you can do that.

You find them in Buster Quests. To unlock Buster Quests, you need to complete the Episode 5 Story Quests up until the the Buster Quest tutorial mission.

And are these buster quests soloable by regular non super end game folks? I haven't been able to do much today, but I'm curious about solo progress.

@ZorokiHanuke Buster Quests will automatically adjust your stats to the Grade (this doesn't cause you to unequip items, so don't worry about that), with Grade 1 adjusting you to lv20, Grade 2 to lv55, and Grade 3 to lv75, with Grade 3+ requiring lv80/80 and not adjusting; Grade 1 and 2 also add a cap to your HP and PP, if I recall correctly.

From there, the durability of the Towers you have to defend scales to the number of players (though that is only if you have 3 or fewer players in the Quest), so running it solo is possible since the Towers have really high health, giving you plenty of time to kill everything.

@AndrlCh Thanks for explaining. Will be able to dedicate a minute or two to the game soonish, so I'll be seeing this for myself.