Anyone else find this really offensive?

So I logged in after the update today and started the usual routine: knock out some dailies, look at the scratch, visit my auxiliary. I'm pretty happy with how I've customized him. He's supposed to be a classic-style butler.

Except today I'm not greeted with a "Good day, Master", but "Good day, Handler." What happened here? Has my fancy butler been reduced to the role of a dog? Before he was a companion under my employ, but now he's considered a lesser being?

Isn't this the opposite of how PSO's NA release has been treating these topics? I thought the point was to change things that those in charge deemed offensive for a global audience. I get the Slave series change to Raven. It was a minor inconvenience searching shops for a bit but the rationale was there.

This on the other hand takes the term "Master" that was in no way offensive and switches it to something that's incredibly demeaning. Who thought this was a good idea?

So... you're offended because people took offense at something and they made a really inconsequential change that affects no one?


Also lol... I do hope you are joking with the "demeaning" comment, it's hard to tell these days...

It is offensive since now they are treated like pets instead of people.

Handler: one who trains or exhibits an animal, such as a dog.

If this really had to be changed, there are likely a dozen better words they could have chosen. Partner? Comrade? Benefactor? Buddy? Handler is such a ridiculous choice. Now we have humanoid pets instead of companions. If anything that sounds more like slavery than the previous term.

I want my butler back. I did not create a pet. I made an assistant to take on quests together as part of an RP.

There are other definitions for Handler;

Handler [management] a person who advises or manages someone in their work, especially someone important or famous

Sounds like the relationship between use and our Auxiliaries to me.

@Sunnyside45 People like you with be the death of comics / entertainment... Go watch some carlos mancia , I want to see if you spontaneously combust.

What is wrong with some of you?

The term "handler" is used in all type of ways, like when a hit man has a handler to find them jobs, a government agent, etc...

You have to be joking with some of these comments...

people who make thread garbage thing like this are one who need handler like brittany spear after head shave

This game is only politics and SJWs.

@Sunnyside45 said in Anyone else find this really offensive?:

Handler: one who trains or exhibits an animal, such as a dog.

We just picking or choosing which definitions we want to use?


@Gamers-are-so-oppressed Now tell us which meaning is appropriate with Pure personality Auxiliary.

I would say none of them.

A person who trains or managers another person works for me but I guess the eRP people could be upset about their butlers and maids.

They are small little AI robots......

This is just counter outrage culture at it's finest.