Personal shop down compensation after ep 5 update

So, a few days ago, I purchased premium mainly for the shop feature. Once episode 5 released, they closed it down due to, what I've heard, bots driving up market prices. Whether this is true or not, the shop is down for a while. The thing I purchased premium for is now down for who knows how long. I'd feel scammed if it took a long time to fix, and there was no compensation of sorts. Im sure others would agree.

They better fix it very quick because I have lots of items in it for sell that now can't s check to see if they sold or even access them them. I bought 90 days premium just for it. I guess won't be spending any of my money to buy scratch tickets anymore till they do.

@Aries well you heard it wrong the personal shop broke because the dev team screwing up both global and JP, they will probably compensate later for the amount of time it will be out

Wondering about this as well. I just used my 3 day shop pass today to sell gear from the affix week boost. Now it's probably wasted. Hopefully they either compensate with another 3 day shop pass once it's fixed, or put a freeze on the timer for it while the service is down.

Honestly, an extension on premium and shop pass would be the best, reasonable, compensation we could get.