Auxiliary change

It's a small thing but why is it calling me "Handler" now instead of "Master"? What was the reason for this change?

I have a feeling it's for the same reason that Darkers and Slave weapons were renamed. 🙄

I have a feeling it's for the same reason that Darkers and Slave weapons were renamed. 🙄

It most certainly is because the west finds racism in everything these days. You're just going to have to get used to it and whatever other changes to "potentially racist" words that happen later on.

I'll say this, and I suppose I'll offend someone, but now I wonder when things like Martial arts Master, or Masters Degree, or even shows like Master Chef, will have to change their names due to the word "master" being phased out of the vocabulary. I mean, if the world keeps going the way it's going, it's just a matter of when, not if. By the way, I AM a "person of color" in actual real life. And most terms, brands and overall things being kicked out never offended me, but seems they offend a very vocal group of people. And they want to force me to be offended as well just to buff their ranks or whatever. Well, I'm not interested.

As for the change, thing is, to me "Handler" now sounds like you are dealing with a caged wild animal instead of a student/protege.

Implying "Handler " is not offensive than "Master". 1.PNG

They literally demoted my little fairy to animal. People behind these are certified stupid. Middle finger for you devs.

Handler just sounds offensive. Them calling you master is the way someone like a maid or butler would address their employer.

@Weirdo Master also used to address someone more skilled than them which is more appropriate in PSO2 term as Auxiliary see us someone more skilled than them and want to learn from us, just like how it is in Star Wars with Master and Padawan stuff.

At this point, I begin to suspect someone behind this didn't feel any connection in the game and didn't do any good research.

Being called handler somewhat making it less connection with our Auxiliary, feels like they hating you. It sad you know every time I speak to her (; _ ; ) .

i'm largely indifferent to the change. Though the word "Master" being used the way it was made me uncomfortable. Perhaps because it's been fetishized to hell and back. Either way, It didn't need to change but I don't care about it being changed.

@Knight-Raime Yes, there are people feel uncomfortable with it. This is why there are option for it in the game how the Auxiliary will called you either with master or your name. I still prefer the Master because my Auxiliary is like apprentice to me. Being called handler feels like forcing her doing the jobs. Devs should at least give option for this.

@Fighter-Fairy I didn't see this option /: But good to know it exists. And i'd be fine with that. More options are always a good thing.

Never satisfied, always bitching.

@Knight-Raime If you have "Trusted" relationship with your Auxi, there are option for appear it when you talk to her/him asking you which personality you prefer.

@Fighter-Fairy Oh that might be why then. I made her and then never use her.

I wish they would have changed it to Boss like how your npc friends call you.

Now that is a good idea.

Personally I would've gone with "Sir" or "My Lady" instead of "Handler".

Were the other personalities affected? I might change it when I'm given the option again.