The player store being down is pretty huge

@Furious So, we should be happy we threw money at a game without the foresight of this happening and be silent the next time something on this scale happens?

Did you just ask me if you should be happy that you can't see the future? Now you're just reaching.

React to the current situation. Sure. Yes. Fine. You can do that. Go wild.

But demand compensation for it because you think you deserve it or feel entitled to it? That's silly.

Compensation would be nice, but its still just that: a thing that would be nice. They don't have to reimburse people for anything as far as I can see. Sometimes things break, and you have to live with it. Like paying your taxes or bills that's also something you should accept as an adult. It would be nice for them to send us some junk for the inconvenience (and lets be real, it's not going to cost them anything anyways as long as the item isn't huge enough to disrupt the economy), but demanding things before any announcements are made... I dunno boss.

Also: assuming this last a week max it's not like you are losing out on a lot of money. Assuming you bough premium, you are still getting most of the package most of the time. You still have your triboost. You still can buy super drinks from the counter. You still have your gold pass. You still have the numerous other small things that come with premium. Even if you count the shop function as a full half of the value of a month of premium, you are down a grand total of $1.86. ($15 a month divided by 4 gives you $3.75 a week. Divide that by two and you get the ammount of estimated value per week the player shop gives you.) Are we REALLY going to go to bat at people over less than $2?

@Furious I think you miss the point wholesale. This isn't about "things happen as they sometimes will" kind of thing. When you make software and you are the sole programmer of such software and service where real money is used, you have a duty to ensure such things are in relative working order and a more than not guaranteed uptime for such services. This isn't something that needs to be said but is relatively expected in this day and age with such major reliance on online activity. While every single knockout of service does not demand a notion of compensation (random logouts, freezing in-game that causes your death when the lock-up stops and you're dead requiring the use of a Half Scape or Full Scape, etc), certain functionality that is vital to the service, usability and function of the game itself most certainly is. Not being able to access a major service such as the Player Shops given the significance of that part of the service is indeed a major issue and especially so for those who heavily rely on it. I am a casual gamer and play this for fun and use my RM when I find it worth my time to do so. If I find this service loss interrupting to me, how about those who are more hardcore than I am? Or those who rely on it heavily or solely? Keep in mind a good example of how things can go sideways for a company who botches their software roll-outs more times than not. Apple is a good example with their iOS roll-outs that, despite iOS being only on Apple products and only on Apple mobile products and using only Apple-approved hardware, somehow screws up their updates. IIRC they are facing major class-action lawsuits for throttling down their service on certain models to preserve battery life, among other things. In another part of that class litigation, they are accused of charging full price for said service without due notification, compensation or adjustment to contracts customers signed in good faith. These are people who paid for a service that was interrupted on many occasions by the actions of the Company whether intentional or not and caused loss of income among other things. So don't tell me this is not relevant. Else the compensation question before the jurist in the current class-action suit would not be pushing forward and Apple setting a "settlement fund" knowing they expect to lose this case. This is real stuff and while the Player Shops on PSO2 isn't on the scale of what Apple has done, don't dismiss the notion that just because you can't guarantee uptime or all aspect of the service you provide means you can carte blanche do as you wish and nobody can say anything. Is compensation justified? In these cases yes. For every foible in this game? No! I am also against howls of compensation for every inconvenience and anyone with a sane mind knows this won't happen. But this is not that situation and we all know this.

@BronzeAgeBrain Yes we are because RMT is illegal and that's because Sega gets no compensation in that venture. To say nothing about the security risk of account sharing and the possibility of the farmed Meseta being stolen or hacked out, we can't deny or discount the fact that even if the Meseta being offered was otherwise legitimately farmed and sold by pro players who just do ti for fun with Meseta Boosters, the fact that Sega is not getting a cut of the pie means that they ban that. So the point being that while that $1.86 may seem insignificant to you in your example, consider that 10M Meseta for a dollar or whatever that rate is that's being spammed in Lobbies, obviously means something to Sega despite the low amount. Even $1 in RMT is more than Sega is willing to allow. Not solely from a ToS POV since anyone can hide because contracts and legal rules. But from an interest POV, Sega makes nothing on RMT and thus, if they complain about RMT for the piddly real-dollars required for their Meseta, ToS violations aside, how should someone, who paid RM for AC despite being barely $2 value for a service not accessible, feel about that $2? Oh, no big deal because the RL person who uses BronzeAgeBrain declares nobody should be up in arms over a $2 loss? If multi-billion dollar Sega cares about their loss of revenue, TOS violations aside, why shouldn't the average gamer who all have less than Sega on any given lifetime will ever have? A penny means everything to the IRS so that should tell you no matter how small the unit, it matters. Would you pump gas at $2/gallon and the station across the street has it for $1.90? bet you'd take the cheaper one! Why? Because 0.10c matters to you no matter how insignificant it may seem at first. It's value and it adds up. Hope you get the message on this long book I wrote because I'd rather be playing right now but have no qualms about mixing it up here. Cheers.

I'm going to be honest, the fresh finds being down for 2 weeks was a nuisance, THIS on the other hand is gamebreaking, we NEED personal trade and the market working plain and simple, without it were basically going to end up backbuilding some items fairly quickly to the point well need to either vendor them for serious losses or be unable to even buy things like new scratch items so this has to be sorted at least within a day or 2, any longer than that and it will become a serious problem for people.

I just hope its not down for as long as the fresh finds shop was.

Getting a compensaition is optional but is in their best interests to do that as it shows they care that much at least.

Also unlike other things, the Personal Shops are an intergral part of the game, so much so that it's basically the economy of the game. With it disabled the economy of the game is currently on hold because people have nothing to use their Meseta on except upgrading stuff but that is extremely limited and it barely if even affect the economy at all. And of course the shop IS one of the main features that people buy premium for. If it wasn't for that people would most likely not even bother buying premium.

Yeah I get compensated for interruption or loss of service all the time actually. It definitely isn't something foreign but I can understand why you might think that. They definitely don't have to compensate players but considering how long fresh finds was down, I would not be surprised to see the market down for quite a bit. Just Sega doin Sega things.

@Gamers-are-so-oppressed I'm pretty sure half the Fresh finds issue was due to them brainstorming and waiting to roll out the current system we have now. The Personal Shop is down in Both global and Japan so I highly doubt it'll be down for anywhere near as long as fresh finds was.

@Thedovahmon said in The player store being down is pretty huge:

@Gamers-are-so-oppressed I'm pretty sure half the Fresh finds issue was due to them brainstorming and waiting to roll out the current system we have now. The Personal Shop is down in Both global and Japan so I highly doubt it'll be down for anywhere near as long as fresh finds was.

Oh probably not but even so all day for your entire player market to be down when it is basically 50% of the game is pretty crazy. I honestly thought it would have been up by now.

@Furious If I paid for my first month; and the whole month it was down (IE: paid for three days' service and this ends up down for all three days) you d&%$ well better bet I'll call and demand either my 70$ back, or the next month (three days, in this case) credited to my account. Thats what these people are saying. They're just assuming the worst case scenario because they can't find any more information to ease their worries.

@Furious said in The player store being down is pretty huge:

You don't NEED to be compensated for jack. You're paying for a service? Yes. Sometimes service gets disrupted. Do you call up your cable bill and demand whatever fraction of money you think you're owed when the internet service you pay for goes out?

They would laugh at you, and rightfully so.

Comcast has compensated me for disruptions on there end at least 2 times, so yes

Imagine buying premium just for player shop and SEGA just saying hey we are taking it down. Hang tight Arks xoxoxo

@XenoBladeX37645 i have no idea where these fanbois come from, like dude have you ever paid for any bills in your life. Like do you know what the word refund even means or why it happens.