The player store being down is pretty huge

@Furious I'm assuming you don't quite understand the value of money very well. Let's put it this way. You go to McDonald's and order a burger and fries. You pay your bill and get to the window. The cashier hands you a burger, informs you that they are out of fries, then wishes you a nice day and closes the window.

It might not be some crazy inconvenience, but you paid for those fries, right? Maybe you were even looking forward to them. Wouldn't you ask for your money back?

@Shmyules of course i would, you misunderstood my message. The whole reason I'm here right now, is to make sega know that this unacceptable without some sort of compensation. I understand that you might have technical problems that is fine, but you need to assume responsability for your mistakes if people are paying for a monthly service we expect that service. I dont want a booster and a gold key i want money or my premium extended and while the whole thing is down let me use some of that rental storage because right now they are causing inconvenience to my storages.

I swear if people weren't such fanbois stuff like this wouldn't happen.

The game is cool and I really love it, but some people saying that these things are fine, make the game bad, no room or need for improvement they just basically suck up everything or work around the problems, and that really upsets me.

Ok ........what the hell is going on in the players shop! Sega you Fing with my money!

Both game and real life!

@Scionmike71 Its the result of decades worth of mental conditioning from corporations (Not saying SEGA has any involvement with this, for the record) to make "the consumer" steadily relax their sense of standards and not to expect a reasonable level of proper treatment. Though I see this more from Americans.

I'm a 90s kid, personally. And I grew up during the Golden Age of gaming; playing ATARI, NES, Sega Genesis, etc. Been a Phantasy Star fan/player for many years. And now I'm an Indie Dev. Gamers have the responsibility to voice their expectations and give feedback. That's the role we serve to establish mutually agreed upon "STANDARDS" to ensure a certain base level of quality is maintained within the Games Industry.

Are there people who take that too far and act extremely vitriolic? Yes. ESPECIALLY on Twitter. Twitter is like pure cancer, that entire platform seems to breed toxicity. But its also up to us Gamers to hold our own accountable in that respect so as to preserve the Player/Developer Relationship. And so that all feedback is constructive.

If Gamers had been doing their job, we never would have seen the advent of insidious, predatory practices in AAA games like cancerous microtransactions which were ONLY MEANT to be used as a business model for Free to Play games.

@Sanojei-S Alright man, if you wanna fight for your $2 back, then be my guest.

I used that figure because I figured if people had a better idea of the value they were losing then they could make better judgements about how they want to go about things. For me, my time and my emotional workload is worth something. Not much to be fair, I'm not exactly a six digit earner out here, and I'm replying on a forum for free, but its worth something. It honest to god doesn't bother me if I never get my $2 or less of store time back, or at least not enough for me to do much of anything about it. I'm not writing the company over it. I'm not going to quit playing over it. It's $2. It sucks, for sure, but life goes on.

Also in response to some of your examples: I might not go to a different gas station if my total savings is $.10. If I'm filling up the car, and that nets me a savings of $1.50 I might. If I'm filling up a fleet for my business, and I'm saving $150, then I sure as hell will. Magnitude matters. Same as in the RMT problem. SEGA doesn't really care about someone exchanging $2 for 10 million. It's not worth it. However SEGA does care if its 500 or thousands of people, it's messing with the market and therefore their F2P economy model, and there might exist a liability for not stopping it considering it's a great way to launder money.

And yes, I'm saying for probably the majority of people playing this game (I'm assuming adults who make their own money) it probably isn't worth the bother from a pure "I paid for it now give it to me" standpoint. From an emotional perspective, sure. For some people this is a big part of what makes life enjoyable for them. I'm probably in that category. At the same time I think it's a good idea to reframe things multiple ways and ask concrete value questions so you don't end up ruining your week over a small injustice.

Or I guess people (not meaning you) can be the kind of people that hunt others down and call the cops because they stole $2 out of your wallet. I get that you don't want to look like the kind of person who would just let someone take that amount of money from you, because it makes you seem like an easy target for larger injustices, but this is the internet. I doubt this experience is going to change much.

Any word yet about this? Player Shops still offline?

Still offline, and I'm still wanting my armor wings since scratch tickets weren't generous and I'd like to sell what I did get since it's of no personal value to me.

Follow their plan and buy more scratch tickets ^^

Only update is now they added alliance/team storage to list of things not working

@BronzeAgeBrain gets it.

I'm not going to continue to go back and forth when they have put it better than I.

I will say though that those of you just jumping on the assumption bandwagon that I don't pay bills or know the value of money or blah blah blah, I think if you guys are really hurting, really "gut punched" by the loss of the fraction of a fraction of a fraction of money that you think you lost then maybe you guys are the ones with the delusions about money. If it's REALLY that big of a deal to you guys, maybe you shouldn't be spending your money on video games in the first place, since clearly you guys are so hard up for money and distraught about your perceived loss that something as inconsequential as this is enough to pitch a fit over.

Taking bets on 2 days! 2 days down! Do I hear a 3?

It'll get fixed when its fixed on the JP end of things, even the Japanese player shop is down.

@Furious "I think if you guys are really hurting, really "gut punched" by the loss of the fraction of a fraction of a fraction of money"

This is a strawman argument. You're arguing in bad faith and not properly representing the points presented by others.

1: Even someone who makes a million dollars a day would still insist on some form of compensation, because that's called being a responsible consumer and its simply just good business sense.

2: Being that I'm an Indie Dev myself, if I had a subscription service as part of my game that I was selling to you guys, and something happened in which you weren't able to make use of said paid for feature? I would absolutely do something to not only reimburse you but also throw something in as an apology to maintain keep public relations with the community upon which my game's fiscal livelihood depends upon. Again, this is Good Business 101.

3: You do actually come off as seeing no real value in a dollar. Any entrepreneur would see your behavior in this respect to be bad policy. --From the Consumer side, living within the framework of a Capitalist society, you trade your life/labor in exchange for money, which by default within said society is already not worth what your efforts ARE actually worth. And so of course its only natural that when you invest in anything, you want to make the most of that investment because you need to be able to justify the spending. --From the Seller side, I've pretty much already covered this. Its bad for business if I sell you a service and then I mess up something on my end which inconveniences you. It hurts me and my business the longer my customers go without said service, as is the case in literally any industry.

Is it really straw man if that's exactly what they are saying and how they are acting?

@HarmlessSyan said in The player store being down is pretty huge:

Only update is now they added alliance/team storage to list of things not working

They added the notice at PM 2:30 of JP time and haven't touched the "announce later" part, so pretty likely they won't have any further action this day. I guess the earliest fix will be on Oct 2 of JP time... 😢

And this is not addressed to HarmlessSyan, just a generic FYI.

On JP server, when a maintenance takes place, they basically extends the limits of premium services as the same number of hours as the maintenance took. So I think it's most likely that similar measure will be taken with this issue on the JP server.

But I regret to say this, I'm not sure how they handle this on global. Unfortunately my confidence in global PSO2 service is not that high.