Can a GM clarify about HERO unlock from stream ?

My question is as follows on the stream we were informed that you need 2 level "75" classes to unlock HERO an use them. I am how ever confused as we unlock titles for classes at level "75".

If i was to make a level 1 alt an want to use HERO sense i unlock 2 level "75" classes on my main could i just swap to hero immodestly with out leveling 2 classes on my alt or does every alt have to have 2 level "75" classes to use hero.

basically do we need the tittles to use hero an use them on any character or do we need 2 classes level 75 on every alt to use HERO?

Because the CO requirement is linked to a title (which are account wide), you only need to do the leveling once, and then Cofy's unlock CO will be able to be completed on any character.

Once you have met the requirements, on a fresh character you can't immediately switch to Hero, as you need to be able to accept the CO first, but it doesn't take long (before level 30, at most), and then you can immediately turn it in.

@AndrlCh well thank you i made my alt an got it to 30 pretty easily thank you . i should be ready tommrow 🙂 i had no idea glad you told me for real ! i hope everyone sees this part of being able to accept cofys thing !

Is it level 30? One of my alts was able to pick up scion jobs with just lv18 Ranger on JP

You really don't have to level the alt btw just take the first ARKS mission it forces you to take then talk to Afin and Cofy then go to another block which should unlock the Hero CO for the character. (Sometimes I had to run a quick quest to make it appear) 🙂 Just came to clarify this one up for everyone.

@HarmlessSyan I couldn't remember how soon it was, just that it was before the first level cap CO, that's why I said 30 at the most.