We take pride in the idea that we currently have what is a positive atmosphere and we aim to keep it that way no matter the size we grow to.we have 0 expectations of our members and officers so play at your own pace and enjoy the game how you want. That being said we are rather small atm but we have our discord and plans of alliance wide events with one already taking place weekly

This event is a weekly raffle for 5mil meseta. To enter into this raffle you simply cap your alliance points, screenshot the page showing you have done so and post the screenshot into the raffle wall on discord. When the weekly resets we will roll the raffle on the discord and winners will be paid the same day.

This raffle is our way of saying you don't need to cap your alliance points but we really appreciate that you do. You can find me(seasonz) in game on block 21 or on the visaphone. Discord: J59QEK9