(Ship 1) Photon Heaven Looking for Operatives (casual)(NA)(Xbox & PC)

Hello, I'm TrooperS96 (character name Sierra-96). I'm looking for some new mates to play this awesome game with. I am looking for cool headed, but fun players who want a personal heaven to play (cheesy sounding, but true). I do have plans such as challenge quest runs and Such. I look forward to playing with you.

EDIT: We now have a discord setup. click the link and we will speak with you shortly.


hey TrooperS96, I'm also starting out in this game and looking for some people to play with. My User name UltraGmanZ (player name is Kusuriuri (its from an anime). I'm not part of any guild or alliance but I want to be part of group that eventually will do high level end game stuff.

@UltraGmanZ Sorry for the late response. I'll be happy to take you aboard.

We are still looking here at photon Heaven. Don't be afraid to comment.

Hellow! I'm also a new player on PS02 and i've been looking for a small group/alliance to join in. I'm on ship 1 (Feroh). my username is furansessu and my character name is Fura

I'm from South America and I usually play at night time. You can add me at discord Fura#8565 for communication reasons

@FURA I sent you a discord request.

Optional- PLEASE post your Player ID Name, should look like PN12345678901. There is also a handy video I'll link from Anamana on how to change it (it makes searching you up easier). https://youtu.be/nSWbhaPtv-M

I would be interested in joining as I just started playing this past week. My player ID is AFK_Dad and character name is Genysia

@AFK_Dad Sorry for the late response we are still recruiting for anyone wondering.

Still looking for Recruits.

@Trooper-S96-X hello i just started and would like to have casual paly time with you guys if you still are recruiting. My CN is MairuGaburi and my steam is also MairuGaburi hahaha anyways im still confused with the game and would like some assitance thanks

my player id is also MairuGaburi

Note it may take me some time too respond. I'm working on checking the forum more frequently.

Bump. Still open.

Are you still looking for new members.