What classes are you guys going to play as!? :)

Hey guys, what classes are you thinking of maining, I'm thinking about playing as a Hunter. Any tips or opinions on classes would be a great help. 😊

It is hard to tell. I think I will start as a male cast fighter, if it is possible to create an Android like Wren from the original series. He is my avatar. If not, maybe a female Newman fighter or force like Nei, a character from PS2.

I played as a Force in JP, but Im starting as Hunter just to level it up. I eventually want to Bouncer as my main, since it's pretty fun!(^∀^)

I'll be playing as a Force with a Techer subclass. But I definitely want to try out some of the other classes as well.

I plan on using Bouncer as my main. I will probably use Hunter as the subclass, and use dual blades mostly. I won't be able to play until the PC version is available, though. I already played them all on JP to get see what I would like, and chose this.

I am torn between most arch type, part of me want to make a force or a techter cause I like magic and have good memory of beating my friend in pso1 offline on gamecube with a lv 25 ish force vs his lv 60 ranger

Ra-Something to start with. Female Neuman.

I will be playing as a Hunter / Fighter. Anything else is an alternative, or stat boost. Can't really provide you with any tips, as I'm still learning Hunter. There is a good guide in the Hunter Section of the forum.

@Ragnawind Same, I cant wait till PC version is available.

Techter/Force ^^

@ikaruga Every class ;). You earn passive stat boosts for each class level 75+.

More info here: http://www.bumped.org/psublog/pso2-class-boost/

Force so I can DMC everyone n_n

@GM-Rappie said in What classes are you guys going to play as!? 🙂:

I played as a Force in JP

Now we must search this hidden Rappy in JP. :^)

Also I am gonna go Bouncer with Soaring Blade or Jet Boot this time. I enjoyed my Ra/Hu this CBT.

I played Techter on the JP servers years ago, so I think I might go Techter/Fighter.

I've been playing Hunter/Fighter the last few weeks on JP, but I'm going to make the switch to Gunner/Fighter as soon as the OB drops.