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It's probably worth noting that the latest code is from Episode 80, breaking the pattern of the previous 8 patterns all being from episodes that end in 1 (meaning 1, 11, 21...) so it's a good idea to keep an eye out for codes in every page now.

Two random notes about Episode 84 that weren't disclaimed and might have passed a bunch of people by:

The characters introduce themselves as Yu and Andou. This is a joke that crops up occasionally: Previous Phantasy Star games have introduced a series of characters by name including the playable custom character as "And You". Probably most memorably the intro to Universe's expansion:


So a small running joke in Japan is that Andou Yu is the custom character's canon name.

This comic also references both PSO2es and an associated manga, Phantasy Star Online 2es gyu. The former is a phone app tie-in to Online 2 which among other things gives an additional 100 storage spaces in Online 2 (used to transfer between the app and PSO2, but usable as regular storage within PSO2 only).

On Global we do not have this app or any way to use the additional storage that comes with it. Obviously we also don't have the manga. This comic doesn't include its usual disclaimer that these are all only for the Japanese service, which is probably a thoughtless omission rather than an indication that we might get PSO2es soon as the following episode also fails to mention that Global never had the Cataclysmic Souls quest.


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Updated code at the bottom

PSO2COMI memories

1YLH Y5C9 G3VW 3LN3 1/4/2021

1X95 ERFQ KW32 MLF2 1/12/2021

1YDE J6YK 3EN3 5R6T 1/19/2021

1WD5 C5BW 9HHV 7TK9 1/27/2021

1UYT A7BP QBLY 67DX 2/1/2021

1PVR NYAF W387 JNU4 2/8/2021

1T6Q B9MK JY36 7CDS 2/16/2021

1YD6 DPMU RAAV L2RN 2/22/21

1Y64 PRWT BE3E X75C 3/1/21

1Y5W CE6B 7D9A 4SCA 3/8/21

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Some Rappies had just a bit too much of Eggman's special eggnog... Rappy Easter!

Enter in the chat whether in the Lobby or Personal Quarters: EGGCELLENTITEMS


Not letting this be buried.

@Zeke said in Item codes:

Not letting this be buried.

Good on you. I'll help.

Oh yes! Thank you! My Easter is complete, this is shaping up to be a great weekend.

@MasterDarkwingz Thanks for the info~

How long has it been since the last one of this type of code?

It feels like ages since the last code, we just got comic codes instead.

Just before I heard that a stream was coming I was even thinking about how it has been such a long time since the last one of these codes.

@Milk said in Item codes:

It feels like ages since the last code

It was. The last ARKS Hour was at the very start of February, and this one the very end of March so it was almost 2 months. Reasonable expectation they were hoping to be given some more information about NGS to be able to share so they were keeping it back in March.

EGGCELLENTITEMS doesn't work for me, isn't the claim period until 4/20? Oh no..I'll never have that guitar case camo

It should be, but at the same time the image is a bit confusing because there shouldn't be a 20 April maintenance in the 2-weekly pattern. So maybe it was an error and they meant the 13 April maintenance that just ended?

It's on the player shops though. The cheapest on Ship 3 is 5,250 meseta at the moment and there's around 10 under 100k. So you should be able to get one from there with relative ease.