Item codes

Old post but just in case anyone here has not used it here is a reminder,Hey all don’t forget to use this item code for 200sg 1YPH-WR8B-VVGX-TEEV it’s once per account and good until 10/17 19241652-224E-4F41-949B-E26243324E42.jpeg

And here is today’s stream code as well STREAM GIVEAWAY CODE 1X8F LADW X3PQ XG26 B8CB4E50-852A-4DE3-8532-E7E5F16EF36B.jpeg

Will try these when I get home. Thanks.

@ZorokiHanuke NP, just remember once per account and to pick them up go to storage>pick up storage that is where you will find them

Thanks for letting everyone know! Your posts have been really helpful.

@ApollosAmour np just doing my part ^^

Thanks for this, I totally forgot about that stream.

@SaviorZero82 got em. They work, if anyone had any doubts.

@n_n np happy to help @ZorokiHanuke thanks 😊

@SaviorZero82 Thanks for the heads up. I wasnt aware of this. Went scrolling through the forum, and stumbled upon this.

Thank you, helpful operative @SaviorZero82 !

Thank you so much, I wasn’t aware of these!

@GM-Deynger ^^ @Milk np happy to help

@GM-Deynger I have also been telling players in game as well, but sadly cuz of the stupid RMT bots some players think I am one....., it’s not like I’m spamming the codes I say once then wait if anyone ask for help or info I give it but I have had the response from players saying “o I thought the bots had evolved to be able to run and do emotes” 😱😭😁😳

@SaviorZero82 Lmao, noice. Just be careful out there.

@ApollosAmour I will ^^, I’m sure if someone reported me they (GMs) would have to look at the log info and see that I didn’t spam anyone