when will they put the content of fairy tail?

on the japanese server the content ac scash of fairy tail was already during episode 5, I want to know if it will be for this September 30 or if it will be as soon as possible. here is the publication on youtube https://youtu.be/huYEiYkaDlA

That's an episode 3 update you linked, and scratches on global been all over the place.

Also, Fairy Tail is copyrighted stuff not owned by SEGA - so they need to do the legalities to bring it over.

There is no guarantee we will get any of the JP collaboration content that is not a SEGA or subsidiary IP as they need to go through the process of getting the rights for them for the Global version; heck, they may not even release all the collabs from SEGA IPs that haven't had a wide release outside of Japan since we haven't seen stuff like Boarder Break Union (the Fiona Repca outfit from this game was in a JP AC Scratch that made up part of the NA/Global SEGA Legacy AC Scratch but wasn't included in it) or Shining Force Cross Exlesia.

Content releases aren't happening in Chronological order; we got the Konosuba collab while Episode 1-3 were still the main content available, the Persona and Sega collabs were a combination of several collabs throughout the games years all bundled into one, etc.

As such, collabs (usually) happen when they happen as opposed to being tied to a particular content update.