Please consider making game a bit more culturally diverse

I too come from such place that is not culturally diverse and I do not understand why people have to see race in everything. Take EP4 for example, how many red head Japanese are there in the real world, heck I don't even really consider most of the characters to have Asian features but it does not bug me.

I find "diversity" is always a no win situation for developers. They get criticized for shoehorning in the so called diversity at times. OP mentioned dreadlocks, at what point does diversity turn into the thing that people call cultural appropriation - people get mad at non-Japanese wearing kimono, or non-Chinese wearing the Qipao. Mario wearing a poncho and sombrero got Nintendo in hot waters to the point they had to ditch it. And if you dare represent an ethnic group in less than a positive light, you are immediately called racists - see Cyberpunk 2077, game's not even out and people were already attacking CDPR for some of the gangs in that game.

Excuse the rant, I'm probably just frustrated my inventory and storages are filling up at an incredible speed without being able to sell on the player shop.

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if a game wasn't originally intended to be culturally diverse then adding it in for the kicks does nothing but anger all the actual players, it's sloppy and never done correctly. Don't mess with a creator's vision, if you need a game to be super culturally diverse ehmagerd then you might be at the wrong game, even tho there's plenty of diversity here with skin color and what not.

@TsunamiAura This is why I think comics and entertainers will be a thing of the past lmao

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and that's not what people want, not for the genre like Phantasy Star.

Admittedly after all the comments in this thread, I might agree with this point. I see that people here really don't like diversity for some reason. I'm going to take a bit to attempt to understand why this is the case. I believe I have actual agreeable suggestions, but it isn't coming across incorrectly for some odd reason.

I think the real issue is that they want to make sure it is done right and doesn't end up backfiring due to how badly the character might be made. If I read their comments correctly.

@Moei It's not about not wanting diversity in a story, if the creator sees fit to add it. It's about not wanting forced diversity. Forced diversity is when someone adds something into a T.V. show, movie, or game as an after thought, because someone had asked for it to be added, or in more extreme cases, someone demanded that it be added. If it was something in say, someone's grand vision, and implemented in a way where it was just naturally there, and not the focus of the story, then it would be fine. The issue many have with this current culture that demands diversity, is one that seeks not only to force diversity into new content, but one that tries to force a retcon of old content, so that it too can have said diversity. If it's not naturally occurring in the story, as it does in real life, then what is the point of something so artificial, and so superficial.

One of the big problems I see with forced diversity is that it may even damage the image of those this inclusion wanted to display. Happened too much in America, where for example, when adding Black Americans to movies/TV, instead of adding them naturally as they are in the real world, they used the worst exaggerated stereotypes to represent them because they didn't really research that group of people. And I feel the worst represented were people of differing gender identities. Those stereotyped views and displays were pretty bad.

In many cases, content creators don't really know how exactly to portray these groups of people, and end up creating an even more offensive product, just for trying to include out of good faith. The most recent "solution" that has been suggested is to include said groups in the pre production and ask them if the representation is going correctly. But how many content creators can actually pull extra resources for that? So in the end it's either, don't represent everyone and face criticism for that, or represent them as best as you can, but failing to do so because you didn't learn the culture correctly, OR spend extra resources to do the whole thing, but risk earning less revenue because above all, the quality of the product will still be tested when released.

I believe this whole issue will have the result of less content creators producing content for fear of offending someone out there, and instead of enriching the arts, it will dull them, silence them, and we will end up with only generic, less interesting stuff, made by the giant mega producers.

Ah I see. I will clarify that my suggestions were specifically to read a book/watch a video/invite a speaker, and start adding diversity in the future. The only way to "naturally" add a character is for the writers themselves to have enough exposure to the culture in some way, which is a bit impossible in Japan.

Besides that selecting a focus group from their global players should help to get the portrayal right.

I agree the best way to do this is to actually hire a diverse team, but I believe that would be very hard in Japan.

I am not suggesting for this to be done as part of localization. Or as an afterthought.

@Moei Who is to say what is culture appropriate though? Who gets to decide that? And why should that be the focus of a story? These are questions nobody has been rightfully able to answer, and usually what one person sees as their culture, clashes with someone claiming to be of that culture. This is do to individuality of upbringing, and differences in the way each and everyone of us is raised. No two people are alike, and so to say that some diversity team could solve all of these perceived problems, would be a false statement.

That's why in even entertainment that has those diverse teams, the content falls flat, leaving much to be desired. When the story focus is switched from the normal troupes of good vs evil, with subplots artfully interwoven throughout it, and instead that focus is placed on making something diverse as humanly possible, to include all cultures, especially in a Sci-fi/ Fantasy setting far removed from such cultures, you find yourself with an empty and meaningless husk of a story, lacking in what originally made such things unique.

We can visit those cultures, sure. The trek to earth was a prime example of this. But we only saw Tokyo, and a heavily satire oriented Las Vegas. Culture was never really the plot focus, nor really a subplot. And Episode 5 deals with dragons. At what point should Earth's diverse cultures be added into the story in a serious way? And how should they be added? As far as I know, we are still an episode behind Japan, and New Genisis takes place on an alien world.

This is why I stated earlier that I wasn't keen on it being forced, by way of request. It doesnt add to the story already in place. Future content could see characters with more varied skin tones, but thats about as far as diversity would get. It again would be superficial in nature, and thusly meaningless,and empty.

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typical liberals brain wasted in the entitled mannerism. Can't believe people believe their has to be a equal race or color per game. If this was a thing guess what marvel and dc universe would not be around nor would anime. What a joke of people here with this logic. If you don't like it make "your own ethical game" yourselves.. sheeeshh.

You really outta chill out...same with you @Not-A-Bear

@Anarchy-Marine I'm not asking for the main premise of the story to be changed. I think a more appropriate place would be for a character to be introduced, and that character to have their own side quests that deal with culture. I expect writing a good character would be hard. For culture in the main story I think it could come up for those who are paying attention, or are aware, as opposed to a main plot element.

We already have side quests for specific characters, I think a diverse character with that level of representation would be amazing.

I feel like I have no idea what I'm talking about so I'm gonna redact my post out of the crippling anxiety that I might've said something royally dumb. I'm not good at these types of discussion cause I'm always afraid of accidentally hurting someone.

I updated my initial post. Thanks everyone and let's pray for the pso2 gods to get our shops working again soon 😢

@WATCHMEHEAL Given what happened with Fresh Finds a while back, I'd say a week or two would be worst case scenario.