Game Bar Party Feature Not Working With Steam PSO2

I want to play PSO2 with my friends on Xbox but every time I open the game it's like it seizes the microphone from the Party chat function in the game bar app on Windows 10. I can only talk to the party if my game bar overlay is open completely. Pinning the chat doesn't work and neither does disabling the chat feature in PSO2 settings. Any one know of a fix for this issue?

You probably can't use it with PSO2 Steam version since Steam uses its own overlay, which overrides XBOX Game Bar. You will need the Windows Store version of PSO2 most likely to properly use Game Bar for anything with the game.

@Ragnawind Yeah I figured as much 😕 Thanks for the reply!

@Ragnawind So after installing the Windows version I'm still having the same problem so it's definitely an issue with the game. I have used Game bar party app whilst playing Arma 3 and DayZ on Steam and this is the only game I have experienced this issue with 😕

Dont quit know what Game barparty app is, but have you tries xbox live app.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this is related to GameGuard's shoddy attempt at anti cheat which can't even manage to keep RMT bots out of the game.

Anything outside the game trying to interact with it in any way or vice versa has a good chance of being disrupted by that terrible software

@Kris-Nutta11 Game bar is when you press Windows key + G to bring up the Xbox overlay on Windows 10