Slight gripe (hope to not see in NGs)

I searched for the NGs suggestion thread though I couldn't seem to locate it, anyhow..

Between the space-clowns being part of the story and so on.. one small gripe I hope to see fixed in NGs is stuff like this.


I feel as if there is no reason I shouldn't be able to walk up those side stairs and go alongside the visible pathway. just a small gripe as I want to be able to explore mission areas when loaded into a zone. Thanks for reading.

I was just bitching to a friend about this very thing recently, lol. I hate whenever it seems like you can go somewhere but you can't, like certain areas in Dragon Altar and Underground Shafts. There's a point A and point B you can traverse, but because there's one small gap in the middle, you can't cross in between them without going all the way around. Or like the buildings in Harukotan where it looks like you can pass under the roof but you can't and you get stuck in a corner. Especially annoying for PAs that use enemy tracking to teleport you forward.

Yes, these things break immersion. I totally understand.

I wanted to walk on those stairs too.