Remove the button forcing a new mission!

Seriously, at the very least let us client side set an option for this to auto drop group or something. PSO is meant to be a social game, but when I finish a (usually urgent) quest with a random group and have no time to loot and some leader just hits the button to FORCE the party into a new copy of the quest with no respect to others what so ever, why do we even have a pop up to bother asking if they can force it?

Not going to deny I sound a bit ticked off here but it's because I just lost 100% of my Yamato loot, again, from some crazy speedster. I guess if you don't loot in 0.5 seconds you just shouldn't group for triboost by the way the design is, which is quite frankly, just dumb. Triboost is great but it seems like every urgent quest I do I have a 50/50 chance of someone sucking all my loot into a trash can, this is very not cool.

This is why I don't join parties.

Exactly, I think it's a massive design flaw personally. It's meant to be a social game, you get boosts for joining a party, but this actively discourages joining. I think having the prompt is fine, I don't even mind if they keep their force button, but if they force you should be able to leave mid run without following them

I agree.

yes i hate this, is SEGA going to do something about it? i doubt it.