Video version

Want a Player ID in game that isn't a PN ID with 10 digits trailing? You can customize these as you wish in the JP version. Evidence by my friend list below. pso20200317_005047_000.png

Do note that wording will most likely be different in the official NA release, but the option should be in the same location when you log in.

Step 1: Log into your ship, but don't progress to Character Select. pso20200317_004839_001.png

Step 2: Choose 'Change Player ID Name' from the Support Menu. You are eligible for one free name change per account. pso20200317_004905_002.png

Step 3: Enter your new Player ID Name: pso20200317_004921_003.png

Once this is entered and accepted, your name is changed to the one you entered.

Step 4 (Optional): If you are unhappy with your new name down the track, you will be able to change your Player ID Name for a fee. pso20200317_004928_004.png

Note: Fees may be different from that of the JP version, so take this with pricing with a grain of salt.

Now you get to roam around the ships without looking like someone who just downloaded the game!